Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 20 October 2017

Green Propaganda is Costly

Here we go again, the expected critical onslaught and venom against the announced Coalition government’s revised energy plan from Labor, the Greens and the rest of the misguided, brainwashed activists’ who can’t see the wood for the trees; i.e., if any are left because global tree clearing continues at an alarming rate by reducing the planet’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen.

Yes, Turnbull has just pulled another ‘rabbit out of the hat’ and again by placing his metaphorical cat amongst the policy pigeons; it’s really about time all this politically motivated clean energy, or carbon tax policy is seen for what it is – another tax grab and a big earner for energy companies hoping to get subsidised from your sovereign tax pool by investing in pretend ‘clean energy’ technology. Meanwhile; back in the real world, China, India, USA, Russia, Japan and other users of fossil fuels continue to pump out mega tons of pollutants into the atmosphere daily and by exploiting loop holes and tailor-made exemptions in the Paris agreement whose ‘implementation’ we are told are only voluntary and aspirational in nature. Let Australia just withdraw from this absurd Globalist Paris treaty that encourages the Australian treasury to contribute $200 Million per annum of borrowed taxpayer guaranteed money to the UN championed Green Climate Fund.

Yet, I’m still waiting to hear from Labor, the Greens and the rest of the misguided, brainwashed identity activists who we can safely assume will hammer Turnbull’s latest policy solution to mitigate against the looming energy crisis facing Australia. They are SILENT so does this mean they are in favour of everyone in the world polluting except for Australia? Something’s radically wrong with the irrational thinking they exhibit. We are not saying not to progress to cleaner energy production methods, where possible, what we are saying is stop all of the nonsense and by keeping the lights on a reasonable cost to business and the public. Australia’s economy might then subsequently progress, in an orderly manner, to developing and utilizing some newer energy producing technologies. STOP using energy and every other ploy as an excuse to make the public pay! There is an old adage in politics, ‘that if you cannot manage to elect the right candidates into power. Then, one might just try getting the wrong people {in power} to do the right thing!’ It seems this maxim may have just occurred before us, in the instance, of a new Coalition energy policy. In any event, practically all of our politicians are guilty of past sloppy mismanagement and of spreading disharmony and financial distrust amongst the Australian public.

Do listeners’ realize that the nation’s power company providers are already grooming the public to be accepting of Electricity rationing and, dare I say it; outages?

Wake up Australia!                        What he said.

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