Stupidity or a Con Job ……..

Australia is fast becoming a manufacturing wasteland with many business operators caving in under the exorbitant cost of energy so it’s no surprise to see them close or take their business offshore. Its plainly obvious to we lay people that governments of all persuasions either care little for this country and the hard workers who slave to keep the money flowing or don’t have the common sense or political acumen to govern.

Politicians, once elected have a free pass to make foolish policy decisions, to place the country in jeopardy, to exploit interests they benefit from, to change rules and regulation to suit their masters and to continually take advantage of and gouge low to medium income earners.

Now we’ve castigated the people who WE elected to look after us and our country we ask the question that’s been bothering me for some time. That of Coal Fired Power Plants.

How come Australia sells massive amounts of COAL overseas for those buyers to feed their ever growing number of COAL FIRED POWER STATIONS?

Coal made up almost two-thirds of China’s energy use in 2015.

In India 70 percent of electricity comes from coal.

The USA 31% of energy is produced from coal.

Meanwhile in the land ‘Down Under’ where the ostrich heads peek from under the Canberra citadel, electricity and gas prices become the most expensive in the world …… and Australia produces massive amounts of coal and gas ………. there is something radically wrong in the way this country is managed!

As summer is fast approaching the Australian public is being conditioned by government to reduce their power usage so as to avoid ‘blackouts’. This is 2017 in a land overflowing with natural resources and we have an energy problem!

So while the Greens, the Climate Change gang and all the other manic activists, including all Polly’s who are in favour of high electricity and gas prices and power cuts during Australia’s blistering summers we say STOP the bullshit and look after the people who voted for you by significantly reducing power costs and build more power stations to generate power during the transition to renewables.

If governments don’t act quickly Australian business and the public will be greatly affected which in turn will translate into the loss of manufacturing and safety issues due to power outages and costs.

Remember Australia will continue to export millions of tons of coal to fire foreign power plants for the next few decades. So to the Galahs in favour of shutting down Australian coal fired power generation we say pull your head in and get a life.

Wake up Australia!

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