Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 11 October 2017

Go the NIMBYS!

The State Government is encouraged by the Business Council of Australia to think big when it comes to our future but at what cost! Who pays, it’s you the voter-taxpayer not the Business Community? Don’t they now know that any assets of value that was producing rivers of gold income streams for the Government are now gone, after already being flogged-off by ‘fire sale’ Mike!  Our asset cupboard is now Baird!  [Taxation being the only remaining means to raise state revenue]. Reported in the Daily Telegraph’s front page of October 9; Think again by Mathew Benns; Sydney’s biggest company names make historic call for the Bairdjiklian government to continue keep daring to build & innovate.

It seems the wealthy elites want the people to evermore dole out for the UN inspired agenda 2030 corporate welfare generating construction binge. The ‘Smart’ cities are well on their way; whilst the suffering ‘dumb’ taxpayers’ foot the bill. Don’t forget that we’ll always be surveilled [East Germany style] within the UN demanded global mega cities. Of which Sydney is just one. You won’t be allowed own a pollution making car. Your driverless Uber-vehicle will take you for pre-approved short journeys. Else, ‘public use transport’ will get you to & from work within thirty minutes. Assuming that one is fortunate enough to have a job. That’s in part what the excessive facial recognition databases and software are for. Australian residents’ activities must be monitored 24/7 within the confines of the Turnbullian Smart City; but Muslim women will remain exempt because they are allowed their burqa. This sacred garment will stay unregulated as a metaphor for our politically correct futuristic utopia. Should you disagree with these state of affairs; authorities have an option to collect ‘suspects’ from the street for fourteen day stints. In the fact-based fictional German movie entitled, ‘the lives of others’ Law abiding civilian east-German citizens would have most of their daily activities monitored by the state through a sponsored network of Stasi spies that consisted of around 50% of the population. Citizens were warned that their surveillance was necessary to prevent TERRORISM. The movie was set in the 1980’s, well before the advent of hi-technologically based systems.

NSW’s most high-profile business and community leaders and no doubt with the support by the unelected Greater Sydney Commission have come together in a historic media-call to compel NSW to keep building, keep ‘innovating’ and keep thinking big when coming to our future . Your government dramatically changed the course of history for the better they said, (Well, in doing so they sold-off everything of any actual value). The diktat is signed by the predictable well known heads of the corporate elite; incidentally, who are also warning that NSW government’s job is only half done. Their landmark move coincides with the launch of the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Bradfield’ editorial campaign. Sadly, self-interested elements of the corporate community and politicians over many decades have been pushing for privatisation of your assets and enthusiastically applauded the disposal of our state’s electricity assets, which they believe delivered the ‘unprecedented windfall’ that led to the infrastructure boom, and urging the government to weather criticism in the name of progress. One can only sell an asset once! Leaders of business and foreign governments are at times the coincidental beneficiaries. Electricity assets, now in the hands of privateers, have resulted in greater power prices despite us being told by the then NSW Premier that power prices would be cheaper after privatisation and increased reliable electricity would quickly appear. That was a whopper. A lie!

A record $81.5 billion will be spent on new infrastructure over the next four years in the city’s most concentrated construction program since white settlement in 1788. Large areas of Sydney are now undergoing massive re-construction; causing disruptions and employment generating small enterprises to fail. Major opposition from NIMBYs and naysayers have flared up the letters columns of local rags. In principal, I support key infrastructure development, where necessary; low interest loans through Waratah Bonds or lottery funding mechanism would have been preferable to selling-off of key performing assets; forever lost and never again to be owned by the people.  Others can view this process as a total waste of money, like grand white elephants perched on a hill. Federal Labor MPs, like Ed Husic, are getting very nervous about a new proposed Badgery’s Creek airport and its impacts on their communities. So, I will leave the last word to the Hon Luke Foley, who it seems just found, his mojo; and might now be on target.  Mr Foley is warning that Sydneysiders will “pay through the nose” via higher tolls and public transport fares. He said greater scrutiny over government spending was needed or the public will end up paying for the cost blowouts that have arisen from “poor management and waste.”             What he said!

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