Boffins vs Reality

In a Boffins ideal world everyone should wake up feeling happy and invigorated looking forward to being driven to work in their fully automated car whilst relaxing watching the news on the in car monitor, sipping a piping hot coffee and chatting on the phone. Multi-tasking is made easy as technology takes over and more and more automation takes over our lives.

Is it really that easy and as reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin (Saturday October 7) one leading transport academic’s solution to Queensland’s M1 traffic gridlocks will be the driverless cars. WOW! What a profound statement.

So am I correct in thinking that driverless cars will be infallible in their programing? Does it also mean that as the number of cars on our roads increases as it does each year that travel time will be reduced as suggested? Let me try to understand the logic being presented. We have one highway and let’s say currently 200,000 cars use this main arterial road each day, and in five years from now 500,000 cars will use the same road, but in 5 years’ time all cars will be driverless supposedly saving time. Umm! Lost me, maybe I’m an uneducated Boffin with flawed logic. Ok we all understand that accidents cause grid lock, but if there are more cars on the road and less accidents how will that reduce travel time? Cars have to end up at some destination point and all traffic will be funneled from main stream highways into local destination points causing grid lock – they have to go somewhere! But they are driverless which according to the Boffins will fix the problem.

In my humble opinion the only solution to the traffic grid lock problem is reliable, fast and efficient public transport. Reduce the number of vehicles on our roads with adequate parking at transport terminals and the problem may be mitigated.

The reality is that Boffins and Polly’s have been talking about traffic congestion issues for years and the problem gets worse each year. Obviously their educated guesses are far from the reality of the daily grind on the Gold Coast’s M1 and do little to improve the situation. Maybe it’s time Town Planners and other powers to be took some responsibility for the traffic shemozzle we face today.

Wait for it the best is yet to come. Next year 2018, the Gold Coast will host the Commonwealth Games with the local number of people and cars expected to explode dramatically. We have grid lock on a daily basis now so what’s it going to be like when the games begin? Two to three weeks of total mayhem with one report suggesting that a trip by car from Surfers Paradise to Southport, normally a six to eight minute drive could take up to an hour.

Happy motoring.  I can’t wait for driverless cars to fix the traffic grid lock problems.

Wake up Australia!

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