Human Rights Commission!

Who are the real offenders when it comes to acrimonious propaganda being shoved in the face of every day Australians?

Watching the latest tax payer funded advertising campaign by the Human Rights Commission one can only determine that it be disbanded and the bigots who continually put out this divisive propaganda should be deprecated for such actions. The HRC are the racists, they are creating such division within our nation and then blaming ordinary Australians, living ordinary lives for normal lifestyle choices.

Politically correct, anti social bullshit is constantly being pushed in the face of ordinary Australians by the ‘bleeding hearts’ brigades, leftist bigots, and all the other dangerous insightful organisations from the socially disruptive left who can see huge political mileage by pushing their malicious agenda.

The HRC is no more than a media propaganda machine paid for by the hard working over taxed Australians at the behest of government whose disruptive agenda is creating irreparable damage to Australian society.

Let’s put this in perspective. Think back, not so long ago when Australians never faced political agendas targeting, race, creed, free speech or any other differences in the population mix. Australia was a more cohesive and tolerant society.

Since those enjoyable days of free speech and social unity an insidious virus from the left has crept into the corridors of power, corrupting the very essence that united us and continues to this day in an attempt to divide and conquer, laying waste the very foundations that unified this country.

The HRC is one catalyst dividing our society and should immediately be disbanded along with the ridiculous edict of 18C. They only support racial discrimination and urge people with personal grievances to become aggressive and supportive of anti-social behavior and bigotry to validate their existence.

Australian governments should get their priorities in order and disband useless and divisive tax payer funded organisations such as the Human Rights Commission along with the dinosaurs who manage them.

Unity comes by natural means and social interaction not from having racist propaganda thrust at us through national advertising campaigns such as the current example.

Australia is a member of or supports numerous global organisations such as the UNHCR, the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation and many others. Organisations such as these are no more than talk fests which do little if anything to solve the world’s problems.

Listening to their propaganda we are led to believe that they are in favour of solving the world’s problems but looking at the wars, the poverty and inhumanity around the globe it seems they have achieved nothing but talk. These organisations cost nations hundreds of millions of dollars to support the infrastructure and the delegates who administer them. Who pays? Member countries pay out of government revenue (tax payer’s money) and no one audits or scrutinises how the money is spent and who gets what.

And so the world spins through the universe on its predicted orbit while back at ground zero the global population is tearing each other apart with threats of nuclear destruction, famine, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, political assassinations,  mass migration, poverty and inequality and governments that have no answer other than to satisfy their own agendas.

Australians have had enough of supporting organisations such as the HRC who purport to have an agenda to achieve unity but rather foster division and angst within our communities.

Wake up Australia!

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