Cracked – Fractured – Broken

How else should one describe the disorder the world is experiencing and how has it reached the point of no return?

Since the end of the Second World War it was hoped that peace would prevail throughout the globe and societies would embrace the opportunity to advance themselves and prosper.

Fast forward to 2017 and take a snapshot of life on planet earth. It’s not what the masses envisaged. Conflict, discord and dissension are the norm and humans are becoming more and more desensitised to the violence, rape and pillage on the streets with no end in sight of a resolution.

Sweep it under the carpet you may but you can’t ignore the reality of the fragmented society Australia has spawned. Watch the news, read the papers, scan the internet. How many reports can you find that portray true happiness and social cohesion? Not many!

What we are confronted with is global conflict and instability, the ever increasing possibility of a nuclear world war, the mass exodus of millions of disadvantaged peoples from third world countries looking for social and economic stability, and in our own back yard we are on a slippery slope to a national calamity as governments and the people we elect continue to mismanage and create division within our society.

For the disbelievers here are a few more recent events affecting everyday Australians:

  • Appalling government policy and inaction has created the housing affordability crisis we face today.
  • Immoral government policy and inaction is the reason Australia has the highest domestic electricity and gas prices in the world, even though we have vast resources of coal and gas.
  • Flawed government policy in deciding to buy foreign made submarines and other military hardware from companies with a questionable history.
  • Adverse government policy in considering a 1 Billion dollar loan to Adani, another company under the legal spotlight and to give them the go ahead to plunder our coal resources at our expense.
  • Dangerous government policy when it comes to allowing criminals and terrorists to return to Australia, access our welfare services and rehabilitation programs in the hope of reforming their beliefs and behavior. Some of these people are amongst us today.
  • Abysmal government policy affecting millions of pensioners who live below the poverty line while the fat cats of government and big business pay themselves obscene amounts of money.
  • The politicians representing the people are a joke, they are nothing more than a supercilious bunch of ‘would be if they could be’ aspirational dip sticks with their snouts in the trough of tax payers money who lack the integrity to put aside their self-importance and get on with the job they were hired to do. The system is broken and needs to change.

We could write pages and pages about the state of affairs globally and within Australia however it becomes too depressing. What we do need to write and talk about is finding a person of integrity, courage and ability to lead Australia through these times of global strife and uncertainty and to ensure all Australian citizens have a home, food, water, health services, education, an affordable life style and above all a safe and secure environment in which to raise our families.

Is there anyone out there?

Governments should be healing the rifts and smoothing out the bumps for Australians instead of creating an atmosphere of dissent and division.

Wake up Australia!

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