Human Folly

Humans have been blessed with attributes far exceeding those of animals yet as a species we seem to be hell bent on self-destruction and the destruction of the planet we inhabit.

Considering our evolution, the urge to conquer and dominate as proven by history is deeply ingrained in our psyche. Sadly the development of the human brain seems to have been infected with an unknown ‘virus’ which in more recent times is creating havoc across the globe. For the purpose of this text let’s call the virus ‘moronic lunacy’.

Sadly, rather than cohesion and cooperation the human species is increasingly breaking apart, becoming more and more xenophobic, radicalised in its thinking, narcissistic in its approach to life and radicalised in its acceptance of the basic norms and structure of our society.

It’s the people we elect to represent the masses who are failing in their god bound obligations to place the needs of society before their own interests and that of their cronies. The virus ‘moronic lunacy’ has morphed into a global pandemic affecting the majority of global leaders, some of who are abusing their office, creating global instability.

Having vilified global leaders, institutions and humans for their inability to live peacefully and in harmony it should be mandatory for all elected servants of the public, which is something they tend to forget once elected, to be neutered and re-educated to follow and abide by basic laws of global coexistence.

Let’s look at the insect kingdom, insects such as ants, bees and other swarms appear to have no trouble in surviving the onslaught of human destruction and pollution. Do you think it possible that our species could learn something from the insect kingdoms structured existence?

On a larger scale the animal kingdom which is aligned closer to we humans still retain their survival instincts without committing murderous acts of self-destruction within their groups and hopefully will survive the onslaught of human development. Let’s pray humans don’t engage in nuclear self-destruction and come to their senses before it’s too late.

Obviously there are millions of varying views on the subject of human insanity and I’m sure some of the elite establishment will self-examine and chastise one another after reading these modest words, but don’t hold your breath.

So the insanity of progress at the expense of everything continues on its vociferous way toward the ultimate goal of what? Everything on the planet has a limited life cycle so why not use our short time on ‘planet paradise’ to the betterment of all living species rather than for the benefit of a few who in their short sightedness and idiocy have lost their way in the hope of attaining power and control over the masses.

Wake up Australia and the rest of the world!

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