Dumb, Dumb and Dumber – Political Insanity

As summer approaches the days get longer and temperatures rise it seems that our Pollys are suffering from heat stroke and delusional aspirations when it comes to their latest brain snap.

The Daily Mail reports Islamic extremists born overseas will be given a deportation ultimatum under a new Australian government plan.

Foreign extremists will be given one month to enrol in a deradicalisation program or risk being deported, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Community Protection Intervention Orders could be used to enforce bans and curfews on extremists, otherwise they will be at risk of having visas cancelled.

Excuse me while I find some medication to alleviate my eye strain, maybe I’m reading this with the wrong glasses, I can feel a migraine coming on.

What the hell are we paying these so called politicians to do? Here we have some brainless prat on our payroll who decides it will be a good idea to allow terrorists and their cohorts to live in our community if they agree to enrol in a deradicalisation program.

Wait for it …………. I suppose Tafe Australia will be contracted to deliver such a program …………… more tax payer money down the proverbial shit hole.

I wonder how many terrorists will sign up to this “Free Choice” program offered by our incompetent government. Can you imagine the line up to sign on it will be longer than the dole queue and the government will have to open a new department staffed by hundreds more civil servants adding to the national debt.

Meanwhile on struggle street law abiding Australians are unable to afford housing, unable to afford electricity and gas, can’t afford to live the life they once enjoyed while a large proportion of pensioners live below the poverty line, and our government wants to pay terrorists to live here.

It’s inconceivable that our Pollys would ever consider contaminating society with an incurable deadly germ so why are they placing all Australians in danger from radicalised terrorist criminals?

Somethings radically wrong with the people we elect to govern this country and the status quo needs to change NOW before Australia slides into becoming another Venezuela a basket case of mixed race floundering to survive while vultures such as China hover to take control. A wounded animal is rife for the pickings.

So to all the voters in Australia we ask you to consider carefully who you vote for and to demand your local political representatives deliver sensible sustainable government policy putting Australia’s interests first instead of their own and that of other nations.

The mess we are in today is a direct legacy of political infighting, union mischief making, the money people and manoeuvrings of overseas interests all wanting to rape and pillage our nation to the detriment of us all.

History clearly shows how past powerful civilisations declined and disappeared. It’s obvious that our intelligence and avarice for power and wealth have blurred and distorted our thinking so much so that the world is once again on the brink of self-destruction.

With the world at war with itself let’s hope and pray that Australia can find solutions to the undercurrent of discontent that is festering among its citizens.

Wake up Australia!

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