Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 29 September 2017

Money, Money, Money

Cash, cash, cash as every Chinese tourist and overseas student jumps on the ‘daigou’ bandwagon making arrangements to sell Australian product directly offshore to China and Asia through friends, relatives and business connections; independent of Australia’s official exporting processes. So, meanwhile our government yet again sits on their metaphorical hands and does nothing.

‘Daigous’ are clandestine co-ordinated ant like armies of supposed personal shoppers who descend upon Australia’s local shopping malls and pillage through supermarkets, departments stores and pharmacies for purchase of retail items ordinarily reserved for Aussies that are instead regularly exported to Asia, usually to mainland China, for profit by overseas civilian holders of Australian temporary and permanent visas.

If money is to be made you can back it in that Chinese nationals and others would be actively involved in the process as is blatantly obvious when it comes to so-called ‘daigous’; ‘shoppers for profit’ of Australian retail goods destined to mainland Chinese consumers.

This is another example where the Australian government are oblivious to ‘the thin end of the wedge’ by allowing any person to ship large quantities of product to an overseas destination, in this case China in an unregulated manner.

It’s of concern that substantial amounts of money and huge quantities of domestic product are changing hands without any formal checks and balances, probably avoiding Australian taxes, GST or other fees applicable to the rest of us. It was reported by Channel Seven that local warehouses are actively stockpiling huge quantities of Australian goods around our country ready for shipment by legions of ‘daigous’. Is this another secret economy?

Specific Chinese websites are actively encouraging their ‘daigou’ practice and this niche market is expected to triple over the next year or two. So how much money is the Australian government losing to these predatory practices?

Sydney and Melbourne will host the first ever conference of Australia-based Chinese ‘daigous’, or professional [personal] shoppers, whose entrepreneurial efforts across the country’s shopping malls have helped put sales of Australian baby food, cosmetics, vitamins, honey, ‘Ugg’-boots and other products on the map in China and consequently largely out of reach to Aussie domestic consumers.

What is of concern is that manufacturers and suppliers don’t jack up the price of popular products to the Australian public and ensure regular stock to retailers.

Channel Seven news reported on warehouses full of Australian baby formulae awaiting shipment.
Source: 7 News

It’s annoying that Australia is being exploited once again, this time by ‘under the table’ international commercial sales agents posing as ordinary folk; and by the time our ‘dormant federal government’ steps in to regulate these activities another ‘scam’ will have surfaced and these practices will continue unrestricted while everyday Australians pay high taxes and exorbitant prices for everything from electricity to food.

The Chinese government has indicated it is considering some form of regulation; but for now it’s business as usual.

Wake up Australia!

What he said.

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