Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 27 September 2017

Blackouts Stalk Green Energy Utopia OR GREENTOPIA!

Today, I wish to illustrate what a Green Utopia will be like to live in. In doing so I wish to firstly thank the Queensland based Carbon-sense coalition and also Mark Latham’s insightful Daily Telegraph ‘opinion piece’ published yesterday.

Here Goes:
It is 7pm on a cold still night in the city which boasts “100% Green Energy”.

Thousands of electric cars are in their garages plugged into chargers; electric lights, heaters and TVs are running; electric stoves are cooking dinner, electric trains and lifts are moving late commuters and early revellers, and the pubs and clubs are busy.

The hills bristle with turbines, but there is no wind and not one is turning. Every roof is covered with solar panels, but there is no sunshine and the panels are fast asleep. The green city is facing peak electricity demand . . . on batteries.

But for several days, clouds have shaded the solar panels and there has been no wind to turn the turbines – the battalions of batteries are running out of juice. One by one they drop out. The street lights fade and the city goes dark.

In this green energy utopia all the wicked coal-powered generators have been closed or demolished, exploration for gas is forbidden, no one dares to mention nuclear, hydro schemes have gone (replaced by “Wild Rivers”), new hydro developments are stalled by green lawyers, and diesel generators and petrol in cars is outlawed.

There is only one problem with this green perfection.
When the city wakes to another cloudy windless day, where will its electricity come from?
And when all the stoves and fridges, computers and TV’s, lifts and trains, traffic lights and water pumps, checkouts and ATM’s, heaters and coolers all stop working, there will soon be an angry mob seeking the nearest politician to punish.

That’s our nearing future as a GREENTOPIA. However, getting back to the here and now; I wish to reinforce the reality that given our society’s recent reliance on Mobile devices and Computers as a part of daily life, we must be cognisant that everything we use is powered by electricity. Either, directly through power generation or indirectly, by battery [stored electricity]; and stored electricity must be generated somewhere. So, before the Al Gore inspired war on carbon based fuels erupted, second world status countries like Argentina, would suffer multiple daily elctricity power failures I areas outside the capital city. Who knows, how they are fairing today? However, we should be enlightened because this can be our future.

Australia’s Labor leaders of eras past were pro-industry and thanks to then NSW Wran-Unsworth state governments’; growth in NSW owned and operated coal powerstations ensured that our state was energy self-sufficient. This inexpensive base-load power was a competitive business advantage for our wage earners; providing ample employment opportunities for specialised tradespeople in our regions and the cities alike.

Mark Latham, a political refugee from a hijacked Labor party currently dominated by ‘Carbonistas’ and radical left-wing ‘social justice warriors’, is a patriot who still embodies the true Labour industrial worker spirit; even if the modern day federal Labor Party has surrendered to the elites. Fortunately for Mark, he has been afforded political asylum by the freedom loving Liberal Democrats and evidently Mark is latterly advocating Nuclear [Uranium] for clean base load power generation, and he is right. Let’s also investigate Thorium [which is plentiful in Australia] as an even safer method for Nuclear power generation. Mark and LDP leader, NSW Senator Lyonhjelm believe we need to abolish renewable energy targets, government subsidies, any legal restrictions for power generation as well as the scandalous 10% GST on your energy bills.

Mark has woken up. Have you?

Call me on 131269 and let me know what you think. If you agree with me, back me up. If not, prove me wrong!

The Carbon Sense Coalition, is an Australian based organisation which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, opposes the baseless war on carbon fuels and promotes the rational un-subsidised use of all energy resources including coal, oil, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, solar and geo-thermal.

What he said.

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