Obvious Consequences

A life without conflict, a peaceful life, a life we respect and appreciate where everyone coexists in harmony. It seems that this is unattainable by humans under the current state of our existence.

Today’s society has learned nothing from our past warmongering ways and it’s patently clear that only the weapons we use have become more sophisticated.

On our current trajectory we humans, the only known intellectually advanced species in our solar system, who have been granted licence to live on this wonderful planet we call earth, are advancing by leaps and bounds toward self-destruction.

Recent history has shown that World War I was not the final battle after which the League of Nations was formed which did not stop World War II which exterminated about 50 million human beings. Following these brutal wars the United Nations emerged as the new saviour of mankind only to be viewed as a toothless tiger with an initial budget proposal of $5.57 billion for the 2016-2017 budget cycle that began 1 January 2016.

The United Nations has failed miserably to prevent wars, famine, starvation and ethnic cleansing. Wars are raging all over the world with devastating consequences and should world leaders continue with their taunting posturing and threatening language the world will be consumed by the greatest war of all, a war that will take no prisoners and see no winners.

Leaders globally have no answers on how to deescalate the current violent trends and threatening behavior of rogue regimes and bullying first world countries who are clearly pushing the patience of each other and nuclear armed nations.

It must be obvious to any rational thinking human that the world is on a path to destruction. Humans have failed to solve mankind’s problems and clearly have no one leader with the ability to bring together the nations of the world to consider living in harmony, sharing the planets resources for the betterment of all. Instead we continue with our aggressive behavior and confrontational tactics until the FINAL conflict.

Consider recent events, China taking control over the South China Sea, north Korea testing nuclear bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles, the Syrian Civil War, the Iraqi Civil War, war in Afghanistan, the Mexican Drug War, the Somali Civil War, the Kurdish / Turkish conflict, war in Darfur, the Libyan Civil War, the Yemeni Civil War, and the wars go on and on without any intervention from CIVILISED nations or the United Nations.

Since the end of World War II some nations have benefited from an explosion of wealth and high standards of living placing them in a position of power and domination over less developed countries that have been used as pawns, manipulated in the changing global struggle to be ‘top dog’.

Global conflicts have been created and managed since World War II by dominant countries to obtain advantage, access and control over the worlds major oil deposits, mineral and agricultural resources, ensuring global positioning to protect their conquests. Some of these conflicts have been disastrous for innocent people caught in the crossfire. So where was the United Nations?

The battle field is changing and Australia needs leaders with the acumen and intestinal fortitude to protect and steer our country through these testing times. Sadly the current state of affairs shows Australia following the rest of the world floundering under its self-created debauchery and misery. Australian society is morphing into a smattering of nationalities with deep seated grievances embedded in their psyche which will eventually affect each and every one of us.

Australia’s moral values and code of conduct have declined fragmenting our once stable and contented society. Australians have enjoyed the benefits of living within a FREE society but have abused this FREEDOM and will pay the price of greed, lust and stupidity as we are not immune to the changing world we live in. Australia has a lot more to give its citizens, let’s not continue to lose it.

Wake up Australia!

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