The Freedom Fallacy

Is ‘freedom’ really the answer to living a happy contented life? Western societies have long espoused to their ‘free and easy’ way of life and the benefits of such a lifestyle. Today our freedom is slowly being eroded by the establishment.

My view is that with ‘freedom’ comes responsibility, a responsibility toward yourself and to other human beings, to respect their views without inflicting your beliefs on others in ways that create discord and animosity, in some cases leading to violence.

Humans have morphed into a selfish, self-gratifying species which continually wallows in greed, lust, perversion and intolerance with a strong propensity of violence toward each other.

Today’s society clearly shows where our ‘freedom’ has led us. It’s a world out of control, ruled by greed and corruption by a few at the top of the food chain, while the majority endlessly slave each day to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table while trying foolishly to impress, caught up in the ridiculous cycle of ‘prosperity’.

Western governments are failing and failing badly. They have no answer to the problems of ‘modern’ society in fact through stupidity or mismanagement or both, governments have contributed to the mess we are in today.

Knowingly or not, ‘freedom’ has allowed each one of us to inflict pain and anguish on our fellow man, be it family, friends or complete strangers. Take a serious look at some of todays ‘freedoms’. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others allow a person’s freedom of choice to openly vilify, threaten and abuse others, sadly to the detriment of others, some of whom use their ‘freedom’ of choice to end it all.

We are a society of degenerates contaminating our offspring, bending the morality scale to suit individual cravings, be it drugs, sex, violence, intolerance, hatred, or any other aspect of a perverted mind.

Parenting seems to have fallen by the wayside with children barely out of nappies ruling the roost and dictating terms. Technology has infiltrated society to such an extent it controls how humans react and respond to each other especially through the ‘beast’ – Social Media. Freedom is being used and abused as an easy way to inflict pain and suffering and control over mankind.

Our long lost values of truth, honesty and consideration for others have faded into oblivion, replaced with anger, aggression and narcissism. Most of society is desensitised toward war, violence and brutality that feature daily on news broadcasts, the printed news, the internet and all social media platforms.

This is where our ‘freedom’ has led us, a society in turmoil, increasingly under the control of foreign interests, manipulated by our own gutless government, manipulated by the lefties who continually push their own agenda with no regard of the impact their campaigns have on the general population. Freedom has given these selfish, delusional and cowardly people a voice and they are abusing the ‘freedom’ of choice they have by the pushing of dangerous propaganda which devalues main stream family values and social norms.

So is ‘freedom’ worth fighting for or are we prepared to drift toward oblivion leaving our nation more vulnerable than it presently is, open to the increasing manipulation by foreign entities.

Consider how you use your freedom. Once it’s lost its harder to win back. What do you think?

Wake up Australia!

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