Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 29 August 2017

Is NSW on its way to becoming a ‘failed state’?

I will outline some recent core examples of alarming mismanagement of community assets being engineered by an irresponsible, unintelligent NSW government which is leading its Citizens’ into a debt ridden, proto-Argentinian ‘hunger games’ future of economic chaos.

  • The unnecessary ‘knee jerk’ total removal of the powerhouse Museum from Ultimo at a staggering estimated cost to State taxpayers’ of around One Billion dollars; and actively encouraged by the Daily Telegraph’s interstate WA originated NSW political reporter who seemingly ignores positive advantages of the current Museum site’s proximity to international hotels whose overseas and regional tourist occupants are merely within walking distance.

Ultimo’s loss will not automatically translate into Parramatta’s gain. Instead Parramatta’s own rich colonial convict cultural heritage is threatened; resulting in an overall cultural deficit for the people of the iconic Parramatta district. Thankfully, some prominent Australians are actively campaigning to rescue historic North Parramatta from an already approved & detrimental over-development.

  • Carriages in new $2.3b train fleet astonishingly are somehow “Too wide and long” resulting in stretches of railway tracks in the Blue Mountains being shifted slightly and even replaced causing some stations and overhead wires to be altered and platforms extended in order to remake about 75 km of lines between Springwood and Lithgow suitable for the NSW’s $2.3 Billion fleet of ‘bling’ intercity trains. Additional to another unforseen upgrade required for a line section passing through the ‘10 tunnels deviation’.

Labor’s transport spokeswoman, Jodi Mckay has exclaimed that the additional amount of refitting construction work required making existing lines capable of handling the new trains was astonishing & adding two years. Any talkback caller could have advised the Macquarie street incumbents that Australian workmanship and Aussie jobs are better kept here. Gladys’ imagined Korean savings are ‘flushed away’ with cost overruns as idle knowledgeable Aussie steelworkers’ instead scratch around for activity.

  • Further unexpected Westconnex cost ‘blow outs’ after a leaked document revealed the pre-estimated cost of the Sydney gateway project connecting the WestConnex toll road to the city’s airport and port has more than doubled by almost a billion extra taxpayer dollars to as much as $1.8 billion; threatening a total bill for the WestConnex of $17.8 Billion. The latest deficit follows Westconnex [the NSW Coalition’s signature infrastructure project] already having seen its cost revised upwards multiple times following compensation claims from contractors, unforeseen planning conditions, planning approval delays and site contamination.
  • A hidden $549 Million [half billion $ plus] excessive cost for the overseas constructed Sydney light rail [trams] project after then Transport Minister Berejiklian misled the public about the reason for the increase.
  • Fiscal overruns already of $200 Million for a Circular Quay revamp.
  • Increased frivolous spending on stadia. ANZ and Allianz stadia to be refurbished and rebuilt for $1.6 billion of your hard-earned dollars. Ancient Rome, ‘Eat your heart out!’ Notwithstanding, I ordinarily would be content for government to expend additional cash resources to retrofit a functioning arena for additional safety. However, do we really need to knock a facility down completely and start again? Really? As is the proposal by government, mainstream media elites and the ‘Tele’ for Allianz. Just how much money does the NSW have for these ventures and as homeless people fester in our Cities’ streets and suburbs?
  • Placing Sydney underground; now we are presented with three extra tunnels; the Spit, Middle Harbour – Frenchs Forest and a now formerly unanticipated third harbour crossing. Just plus or minus another $15 Billion! Without mentioning any likely ‘blowouts’?
    So, how many NSW assets are already ‘sold off’? How many are remaining so as to be also ‘sold off’? Besides, where’s the fresh dollars coming from to finish all these ambitious creations? Thanks to ‘fire-sale’ Mike & gullible Gladys the State’s treasury cupboard is ‘odds-on’ to be left bare for decades to come.
  • Wake up NSW’                  What he said.

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