Grant Goldman editorial Friday 25 August 2017

Australia, the land of Kookaburra laughter

After reading an article in Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph entitled “No respect in equality” I thought I was in ‘coo-coo’ land waking up from some hallucinatory substance in total disbelief of the stupidity of society today.

The article stated that the trade unions, apparently utterly hijacked by social justice warriors and in another moment of insanity, decided to pressure Australia Post into boycotting delivering “No” campaign material relating to the bizarre same sex marriage ABS postal survey.

Wait for it, it gets better; vulnerable unionists’ evident reason for this outrageous bullying tactic is that the documents mere presence in their mailbag will traumatise their precious forsaken posties’.

Wait, it gets better! The once feared militant Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union’s letter to Australia Post warns of “the heightened risk” to the “welfare” of susceptible Posties’ apprehensively forced to deliver pre-sealed perilous plebiscite material if it’s against their abnegation.

As a SANE person my response is the Kookaburra’s laugh to these idiotic morons who whilst ordinarily pugnacious deserve to be metaphorically caged in a ‘safe space’ and protected; safe from the otherwise democratic scavenging hyenas of the world variously termed ‘voters’, ‘electors’ or more odiously ‘Christians’. These abhorrent citizens must be denied any fair and balanced suffrage to consider their ballot.

The only traumatized people in Australia are the SANE people. Us the sensible civilians who are overburdened suffering taxpayers subjected to this senseless gibberish sanctioned by intolerant usurped hypersensitive unions, the Greens, and other voluntarily assumed minority featherbrains. They are tearing this once robust nation apart because our useless elites are encouraging it to happen.

Wait it gets better, if it wasn’t so funny I’d cry for a country gone to the dogs. The ABC, yes your national taxpayer funded broadcaster is offering, wait for it, a same sex “trauma tool kit”. More kookaburra laughter, I have stitch from laughing. This is better than ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The ABC is purportedly allowing this outrage so as to ensure their unassertive staff members are not “distressed” by a democratic process.

What crap! What utter garbage! This would be a great ‘sketch’ for a new John Cleese comedy.

My stomach muscles need a rest from laughing and endorphins have flooded my system releasing their natural opiate triggering a euphoric, positive feeling which I will enjoy for the rest of the day.

What is sad is that a lunatic fringe proportion of Australia’s population is seriously deranged and should be on permanent medication.

Wake up Australia!

What he said.

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