Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 22 August 2017

Greens Hyperventilating

Hanson-Young of the Greens party is waffling again. This time she’s lost the plot reportedly saying “You are putting the entire country at risk” reacting to Senator Pauline Hanson wearing a burqa in parliament to demonstrate the fact that this type of head wear is a security risk.

It was reported Hanson-Young continued her tirade with “You are doing ISIS’s work for them.” “You are putting the entire country at risk.” She also told Senator Hanson that the next terrorist attack would be “on your head”.

Hanson-Young appears to be somewhat disturbed with her over the top ranting’s; maybe she forgot to take her medication that day. Senator Pauline Hanson has her failings however she does instigate discussion on important matters which other members of parliament are too cowardly to debate in case they offend some minority groups, the bleeding hearts brigade or party bosses on whose pre-selection numbers they rely.

Guess Who?

So discussing the banning of the burqa is off limits; yet its open slather on the sacred institution of marriage and families which have been denigrated for years and is still under threat from minority groups and the ideological left. Identity politics’ is allowing ‘Unsafe’ schools to flourish under a different guise by the same social justice warriors who have been marching through our institutions for years.

The dehumanising burqa has been banned in Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Chad, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China and Russia. So what’s our problem? Maybe we don’t respect women’s rights?

We all know the answer; it’s the weak, gutless mainstream Pollies WE have, through compulsory voting; unfortunately been forced to elect, allegedly to SERVE the inhabitants of our ‘One Nation’ that are constantly failing in their duties and it’s the oppositionist parties and the Greens members of the Senate who play their childish games, wasting our time and money and whilst achieving very little indeed.

It’s about time all politicians combined their efforts and started managing Australia for the benefit of the Australian people instead of being a pawn in Imperial ‘mind games.’ All recent governments have sold out this country to overseas interests for money; money they no longer have and so they intend to keep selling until there is nothing left to sell.

What a legacy!

They should be held accountable for the pillage of this once lucky place. So Pauline keep bringing media attention to so called ‘off limit topics’, please keep the pressure on the elites and hopefully one day Australia will have a leader she deserves before it’s too late.

Wake up Australia!                                    What he said.

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