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Grant Goldman editorial Monday 31 July 2017

Australia’s Slippery Slope to Nowhere We love our country and it’s painful to watch Australia morph into a basket case nation where the social divide between rich and poor is growing exponentially, where the clashes between race and culture are increasing, where the unemployment queues grow longer, where the aged, infirm and homelessness are just a bothersome statistic and where all politicians are failing in their duty to the public (their voters). Australia will follow one of two paths, one being that it will become a ‘failed state as Argentina has become with blood on the streets as the

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Grant Goldman editorial Friday 28 July 2017

  The senator Matt Canavan, ‘mamma did it’ scandal has already made the Italian press and for political junkies the section 44 constitutional crises are the political gift that never fails to enthral. Contrary to my earlier off-hand prediction that Australia’s very own Doctor Christmas; Senator Riccardo Di Natale wasn’t the third victim of the Australian parliaments’ most recent and ongoing democratically damaging political scandal; that being the constitutional question of a candidate’s overseas loyalty. Although, I did get the country right, Richard wasn’t so silly and knew in-advance of the potential pitfalls for his parliamentary career and ensured

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 27 July 2017

Aged Neglect – Australia’s Forgotten Ones ‘It’s cold this morning, even wearing two pairs of socks can’t keep my feet warm. Sadly my physical attributes and earning capacity are diminishing; no one wants to employ you if you’re over 60. Blankets are the order for the day as I can’t afford electricity to heat the tiny rooms I call home; but at least it’s home for the moment’. What I’ve just read out is typical of many older peoples situation. Their great Australian dream faded a long time ago. Their contribution to Australia has been squandered by incompetent over

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 26 July 2017

WW I History & Poem The Great War, the war to end all wars; is once again a topic of discussion and is currently front of mind following a genuine and worthy suggestion from the Western Australian Premier;  that the Commonwealth of Australia embrace and dedicate, July 23rd as a Pozieres memorial day for all of Australia. July 23, 2018 should be officially declared Pozieres Day. The ABC reports the campaign to take the French Village of Pozieres began 101 years ago and as part of the larger battle of the Somme, which had started at the beginning of

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 25 July 2017

Invasive Species’. Having already experienced, increasing globalisation and the claimed benefits of free trade we are now more dependent on our nation’s all important biosecurity to keep Australia free of new pests and diseases. When a damaging invasive species slip through our borders, swift action is necessary. Currently, a campaign is underway by the Invasive Species Council of Australia shows us what is at stake if we don’t quickly get behind these eradication efforts. Tomorrow, Australia’s agriculture ministers will meet to sign-off on a proposal to fully fund an urgent Red fire-ant ten year eradication program and it is

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 24 July 2017

Greens turning Red The political landscape in Australia continues to display the narcissistic demeanour of the majority, if not all political representatives of our country. The conceited manner in how they perform in parliament is a clear indication of how they fail to represent the voters that propelled them to their privileged positions. No wonder the public are disillusioned and no longer trust or believe any politician or in the Australian political system. The Greens, a leftist political party with aspirations of grandeur, social justice, environmentalism and nonviolence are just another distraction and disruption to what should be happening

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 19 July 2017

Civilian Scott Ludlam, a Kiwi – Australian dual Citizen Resident of Western Australia was discovered to be a stranger lurking in the Australian senate by prominent WA Barrister, Dr John Cameron. Following nine years of public service as a Greens federal parliamentarian; he stunned the nation last Friday by instantly resigning from a job he never legally held. Not unlike an Indian fake doctor trawling NSW hospitals or the popular flaky character Kramer from the popular 90’s Seinfeld free to air sit-com series; when the aforementioned Kramer was hilariously ejected from a job for which he was never actually

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 18 July 2017

Is the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement not worth the paper it’s written on? Here goes. Despite the so called China – Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) being in force, the continuing regulatory minefield that Australian companies must navigate to export agricultural foods into China [including where licences can seemingly be suspended at random and the rules can change overnight] has garnered another international victim because global dairy company giant, Parmalat’s Australian plant has been served with a suspension for its Chinese fresh milk export licence. This matter has come to our attention just days after the Australian infant milk

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 17 July 2017

Administrators, Developers, Lobbyists and the implausible NSW Government My Listeners’ are very aware that I have been generally supportive of Council amalgamations because of possible costs saving that will likely result from integrated administration. However, recently it looks as if there is a lot more to this policy because the NSW state government appears to be cynically taking advantage of the administration period of suspended democracy by charging ahead with approval for questionable developments well before any legitimately popularly elected Council can emerge to determine them in the peoples’ interests through elected mandate. Regardless, the merged-councils’ have intrinsic freshly

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 14 July 2017

Malcolm in the MUDDLE? This week on Monday in London, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a speech to the Policy Exchange Think Tank in which he claimed that the Liberal Party is not a Conservative Party. Mr Turnbull called upon the spirit of Liberal Party founder Sir Robert Menzies to support his contention.  To quote Mr Turnbull: “The sensible centre, to use Tony Abbott’s phrase, was the place to be. It remains the place to be,” Mr Turnbull told the Policy Exchange think tank. “In 1944, Menzies went to great pains not to call his new centre-right party a conservative

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 13 July 2017

Privatisation Premier I was hoping the break-neck privatisation velocity that voters came to expect from former NSW Premier Baird wouldn’t infect his heir apparent. I chose to give the incoming Premier a fair go. I waited for an improvement and I am sad to say I think that I may have got things a little wrong. So, what does a new NSW Premier do when addicted to income derived from unwholesome privatisations of their publics’ assets? Answer is: look around, look far and wide, look in money boxes, look in hollow logs; until one finds something, anything, no matter

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 12 July 2017

A P.R.C. economic upheaval? Chinese investors spent $24 billion dollars on Australian real estate in the last year. The figure, put together by Chinese property listing site Juwai.com using data from the Foreign Investment Review Board, is up almost a third again from the previous financial year, when it was $18.4 billion. Sue Jong, Chief of Operations for Juwai.com, said Chinese investment in foreign real estate worldwide is forecast to exceed $100 billion by the end of the year. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 empty homes in Sydney. No wonder our property market is overpriced and unavailable

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Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 11 July 2017

Teachers Pets Cruelty to animals is an offence and is punishable by law; however Australian teachers are subjected to disgusting and unconscionable physical and emotional behaviour by the juvenile louts they are expected to teach. Yet the uncontrollable remain largely unpunished. Wht happens when these individuals leave school and enter mainstream society? It’s the responsibility of parents to properly chastise and educate their offspring in the correct manner to behave in our society so as to respect their peers and themselves. Sadly some parents might find controlling their difficult child to be a somewhat daunting task and sometimes it

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 10 July 2017

Power Failure As Australia takes another step toward becoming a Latin American style basket case economy run by incompetent narcissistic dreamers squabbling over their ability to have a better idea than others when it comes to managing the country; the class divide gets wider by the day. Meanwhile on struggle street the hard working masses, the aged and infirm are about to be kicked in the guts again with the energy kingpins about to increase their costs by almost 20% in some cases. So what happened to the government promises? All governments, state and federal promised lower energy prices

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Labor Leftist Lobotomy

Over Paid Buffoons As we all know and are aware Australia is the land of ‘milk and honey’ with a booming economy and a multicultural society the envy of the world. Wow! That was a mouthful and I’m glad I could spit it out. The Tasmanian Opposition has been accused of moving to force “Middle Eastern” dress codes on school girls ahead of its annual state conference. This should be taken and understood by all who cherish the notion of democracy of exactly what the Australian Labor Party is all about. It is the precursor, in tandem with the

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Beware the Creeping Tiger

China’s state-controlled Yan­zhou Coal says the planned $US2.45 billion ($3.2B) purchase of Rio Tinto’s Hunter Valley coalmines by its Australian subsidiary, Yancoal, will give China a bigger say in coal price talks. Australia continues to sell off its abundant legacy of natural resources to the stealthy creep of the PRC and other nations. Soon we will no longer be masters of our own destiny but rather slaves to a dominant communist regime with global aspirations. Woe the day Australian governments began selling off Australia’s infrastructure and natural resources to foreign predators. Governments are selling your future to regimes that