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Money, Money, Money

The Great Aussie Rip Off It’s all about money. Rich, young Chinese are one sector of Chinese society buying up big in Australia. According to the Daily Mail online they snap up 25% of all new properties on the market with 20% left empty. The housing market has become an investment cash cow for many foreign investors driving up property values as they compete amongst each other leaving Australian first home buyers unable to match their spending power. Australian governments, present and past have jeopardised the future of many young Australians by putting profit before its citizens welfare. The

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Offended – Over What?

More Polly Waffle! How ridiculous and what a total waste of time and energy to have a senior government minister apologising over some glib comments made about same-sex marriage. Why is this even an issue? What is the entire hullabaloo about? The answer is, absolutely nothing. No wonder voters are turning their backs on politicians, especially the main stream mob. He said, you said, he did, you did, who cares, just get on with trying to manage the country. I would have thought there were more urgent issues to debate other than one’s personal sexual preferences. The people responsible

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Aussie Exploitation

Aussie Aged Care Rip Off After the airing of a Four Corners report on Australia’s multi-billion dollar retirement village industry it appears obvious that the Aveo business model favours exorbitant profiteering over fair and equitable business practices. Some Aveo residents feel used, abused and swindled by the lengthy, confusing and convoluted agreements they signed. Aged people are some of the most vulnerable in our society and need to be treated with respect and dignity. Each in their own way they have contributed to our society and it is incumbent on our governments to ensure their retirement status is not

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Political Disconnect – A Fragmented Nation

Stop Peddling Drivel The political game has changed and the political dinosaurs with their heads in the sand will continue to lose the traditional voting base that supported their views over previous decades. In an attempt to connect to social media savvy voters and to engage with the younger generation whilst keeping their faithful voter base the Libs have just released a new web site The Fair Go This poor attempt to seduce voters is no match for such organisations as the Getup movement. Once again the Libs knee jerk reaction to criticism goes to show how their due

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Polly’s Perks Up – Pensioners and People Down!

The Forgotten It’s wonderful news – our Polly’s are getting another pay rise of 2% and naturally they are at arm’s length from the decision makers who authorised this decision. It’s an amazing system that politicians have created where they get automatic pay increases adjudicated by the independent Remuneration Tribunal. Who put this Tribunal in place and who controls it? Yes you guessed it, the government! Apparently the Tribunal said it had received “notable increases in submissions” asking for pay rises “based at least in part on private sector remuneration” in a sign some public servants felt they weren’t

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 21 June 2017

Fed’s Contempt for Heritage? [Continued]  Australia Post first announced it intended placing all seven state capital city GPO’s on the market and it was then they previously maintained that a majority 60% stake would remain in Australian proprietorship; additionally a locally controlled trust would maintain a 40% holding. Independent advisers were appointed, public consultation initiated and likewise the process appeared to be quite sound. However and mysteriously that plan has since silently vanished. It seems that nobody had heard any more of the foreshadowed asset sales until an article suddenly appeared in the commercial property pages of the Australian

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 20 June 2017

Fed’s Contempt for heritage? (PART One) The Week before last in this segment entitled, “What price for heritage?”  I outlined concerns about our key cultural heritage. Since then, the latest news is that things just keep getting worse because chief areas of disquiet are just getting overlooked by our Federal Government. Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald [June 17] by writer Michael Evans and entitled, ‘Red-letter day for landmark GPO’. We learned of the impending completion of sale transfer of the current historic Sydney GPO Building and it is likely the finest and most outstanding architectural and artistically significant

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 19th June 2017

People Power? The recent British election outcome clearly shows that the majority of the western populations have had enough of mainstream party politics with their fancy speeches and outlandish promises. We are brain battered and exhausted by all the rhetoric and fanfare and have lost faith in the political system. As important global events unfold we in Australia are not immune. We have our own unfolding crises waiting to worsen as our elites fumble with ‘Mickey Mouse’ plans in the hope one idea may turn out to be their redeemer and shift opinion back into their favour. Sad, isn’t

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 16 June 2017

In November 1975 an unsuccessful approach was made to Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party in Iraq for a $US500,000 gift to help fund Labor’s 1975 election campaign. The co-instigators of the approach to the Iraqis were allegedly Opposition Leader Whitlam, prominent Victorian Socialist Left identity Bill Hartley and then ALP National Secretary from South Australia, David Combe. David Combe resigned as National Secretary in 1981 to start up his own lobbying business, and his timing was good as Bob Hawke won the March 1983 Election for Labor. Soon after the Hawke victory, David Combe was suspected by ASIO of being

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Australia not Islam

Australia not Islam What more evidence do Australian authorities need as proof that Islam does not accept or fit in with western values? Reverse the situation and if westerners acted that way toward their belief system we would be called out for being racist or suffering from islamophobia or whatever tag the bleeding hearts want to call it. We should leave these intemperate people to enjoy their lifestyle in their country under their barbaric laws and they should not be allowed to bring their hate of the west to our shores let alone migrate here. The Saudi Arabian soccer

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What Assimilation?

What a joke! Australian governments and the bleeding hearts brigade keep telling us that refugees and peoples with Islamic beliefs do integrate and accept and embrace this beautiful country and our way of life. Really ……… What the government tells the public is all twaddle and now the Brisbane City Council in Queensland is considering allowing the construction of an ‘Islamic Hub’ which in reality will become a ‘Muslim Enclave’ encouraging the segregation of race, creed and mainstream society. The Muslim village will have apartments, a child care center, naturally a mosque and the developer denies the new ‘hub’

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 9 September 2017

London Bleeding In the aftermath of yet more senseless murders on the streets of Central London political rhetoric echoes the same mournful message. Naturally the politicians and the rational population of the world condemn the brutal actions of the insane morons who carried out the murders. But is condemnation enough? Currently response to these criminal activities is ‘reactive’ and we are led to believe that it’s almost impossible to predict when and where these criminals will strike next. From recent murderous occurrences it seems like these incidents are on the increase. London may be the current target but Australia

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 8 June 2017

What price for heritage! Recently we have seen a lack of care and respect to our historic colonial and cultural heritage from Councils, State and Federal Governments, major corporations and even the Lucy Turnbull run Greater Sydney Commission. I have been mentioning for a long time, my concerns regarding the controversial removal of the historic powerhouse Museum which is listed with the national trust and the risk of damage to its valuable contents. Hopefully, this was thought to be on the backburner after the Premier Gladys Berejiklian indicated that the move was most likely off. [Instead, a Powerhouse offshoot

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 6 June 2017

Technology Moguls vs ATO For a multinational global enterprise Facebook is just one of a number of technology giants, who not unlike, Google, Apple, E-Bay and Pay-Pal, that, as reported in The Weekend Australian of May 20th , 2017 (Page 1), are apparently paying as little as 1% tax in Australia. Although, Australian governments have attempted to tighten existing regulations by forcing technology moguls to pay their fair share; there is still a hard path to trudge to achieve a realistic and equitable result. I regularly campaign for overall lower company taxation levels; but a minuscule 1% collected is

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Blood on the Streets

When will Australian elected governments admit they got it wrong and are still getting it wrong when it comes to immigration policy by allowing radical activists, extremists and peoples with direct opposing views and radically violent beliefs to enter this country and settle here? The senseless killing of innocent people is a direct result of unchecked migration, unchecked subversion within Islamic communities, and migration of peoples from African countries who are enslaved to a violent existence. This is not necessarily their fault but rather the fault of their governments who openly encourage violence to support their power struggle. This

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 5 June 2017

Federal Labor holds a poll position; so it is probably time for us to get to know our potential future governing Labor party and a Shorten Prime Ministership? It looks most likely that we will have a Federal Labor Government in power following the next federal election according to the daily Telegraph of 29 May and if the current trends are anything to go by Mr Shorten can count on soon being PM. The future of this country is in the peoples’ hands, hardworking voters of Australia, so please seriously consider who you might with your precious ballot put

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Grant Goldman editorial Friday 2 June 2017

Who’s TRUMPING Who? Yes, the White House musical chairs fiasco is continuing with US President Donald Trump’s communications director, Mike Dubke resigning his post only 3 months after taking the job. It certainly Looks like Trump is acting out his television reality show ‘The Apprentice’ in real time. However, to be fair, we must say that our Aussie lot of in-harmonious infantile party representatives are no match for the almighty ‘TRUMPER’. At least it appears he’s in some sort of control of the hiring and firing department whereas our armatures have to ask prior permission from their commercial lobbyist

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 1 June 2017 Radio 2SM and Super Radio Network

The Australian Financial Review of Monday, the 22nd of May, 2017 carried an article by Michael Bailey and John Sensholt with the headline “Tax Rates send capital, talent overseas.” In the article we read that Flight Centre co-founder Geoff Harris and Harvey Norman funder Gerry Harvey have called for corporate and personal income taxes to be lowered, and several well-regarded individuals are quoted to similar effect. Geoff Harris reminded the authors of Winston Churchill’s description of a nation trying to tax itself into prosperity as “a man standing in a bucket while trying to lift himself up by the