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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 28 April 2017

Piratizations Is the Daily Telegraph currently out of step with public opinion by endorsing the recent privatisation sprees and at the same time conducting a crusade against an existing Sydney museum? NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has apparently unlocked a $3 billion war chest by flogging the state’s land titles registry. It is believed that much of the proceeds will be pumped into rebuilding Parramatta Stadium and upgrading the ANZ Stadium. An Australian led private consortium has snapped up the land titles office on a 35 Year lease by the state government now reaping in a higher –than – expected

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 27 April 2017

Disgusting & Deplorable: Australia’s Anzac day ABC insult! Here we go again with the ABC Muslim host and activist Ms Abdel-Magied’s disrespectful and divisive comments being published on Anzac Day, stirring up angry and emotional responses from the public. Our Anzac Day is sacred to the majority of Australians and to detract and disrespect of such traditions shows her true underlying beliefs and agenda. Not only is this unattractive type of behaviour evidently un-Australian, it purports to diminish the overwhelming sacrifices made by our beloved diggers; and of those Aussie heroes who are fortunate enough to return home many

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 26 April 2017

Humpty Australia Dumpty Is Australia in danger of falling? Listening to the rhetoric of politicians there is an air of uncertainty, and reading their body language it’s as if they, themselves believe their clock of luck is ticking out. Eventually, sooner than later the people of Australia will wake up to the fact that politicians, banks, and corporations have sold Australians out for their own selfish power play. One of the top domestic issues is our government’s lack of consideration and foresight regarding the security of electricity and gas supply for our nation at affordable prices, especially on the

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 20 April 2017

Is Facebook part of an emerging techno-Anti-Christ? Many of themes and concerned warnings contained within today’s piece were inspired by me watching Peter Greste’s amazing 4-Corners investigation into the global Facebook phenomenon. I really have to take my hat off to Peter Greste; who is one of Australia’s pre-eminent reporter journalists. Control is no longer only in the hands of governments, the armed forces, police or even parents. Facebook influences the lives of over one billion earthlings on the planet. Freedom we wanted and freedom is what we are supposed to have. However there is always a price to

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 19 April 2017

Arise! Emeritus Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. A recent post on The Daily Mail Australia has Tony Abbott calling for The Human Rights Commission to be axed, questioning Gillian Triggs agency for failing to pursue the pro-sharia law group Hizb ut-Tahrir who described domestic violence as ‘beautiful’. The former prime minister wants the Australian Humans Right Commission wound up and has hit out at ‘nanny state bureaucracies that persecute journalists but do nothing about Muslim extremists’. Well said Mr. Abbott, it’s about time these radical, seditious groups were outlawed and if they are already registered as being criminals and aren’t

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Grant Goldman Editorial

What Jobs? I recently received an anonymous email that appears to be doing the rounds and which listed some interesting technological and economic predications regarding the future of employment. As usual I investigated the bulk of the claims made by subsequently deleting some and editing-out any outrageous elements. However, I thought that the exercise alone of thinking about the possibilities of future employment innovations might be a debatable topic? In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide.                       Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak

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Grant Goldman Editorial 13 April 2017

Easter 2017 Tomorrow is Good Friday, and I take this opportunity of wishing all the blessing of Easter to my listeners and their loved ones. Most Australians are able to relax over Easter, spend time with family and engage in activities like taking our kids to the Show.   Australian Christians are able freely to attend Church services wherever they wish. Easter is an appropriate time to spare thoughts and prayers for those Christians around the world who do not enjoy the same freedom of worship which applies in Australia, not just to Christians but to individuals of every other

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 12 April 2017

Gaffe after Gaffe after Gaffe! What is it with Australian politicians who continually stumble from making one disastrous decision after another at the expense of all of our taxpayer residents and citizens? Here are just a few instances where political decisions have placed the country in a serious dilemma socially, financially and economically affecting all Australians: The Housing Crisis – Fuelled by profiteering, the situation will continue creating more of a social divide than we have at the moment unless the rules are changed. Overseas investment and greed will push the market onward and upward until the citizens of

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 10 April 2017

WAS PRESIDENT TRUMP RIGHT? I Think Not! On 24 March 1999, then US President Bill Clinton launched a campaign of destruction against Serbia, with 2,300 missiles and 14,000 bombs reportedly falling on Serbian targets. The beneficiaries of this destruction were the Kosovo Liberation Army, a terrorist organisation funded substantially by criminality, especially the drug trade. Four years earlier Clinton had persuaded NATO to bomb Serbian targets during the Bosnian War. Numerous contemporary first-hand accounts have illuminated us to the residual health effects of NATO ordinance that contained depleted uranium having the undesirable consequence of many, mainly ordinary Serbian and

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Pot Calling Kettle Black

A Human Condition So it’s alright for Putin to annex Crimea and invade Ukraine, shoot down a passenger airliner and commit other atrocities and he has the gall to call out Trump. This guy is just a bandit with a big stick. Unfortunately there are many others like him playing out their dangerous games on the world stage. I’m not a Trump supporter however I must acknowledge him for taking action against rogue states who manufacture and use chemical weapons. As a living species humans top the class when it comes to the abhorrent abuse, killing, enslaving, and mutilation of each

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 7 April 2017

Tomorrow is super Saturday, the day when our newly minted NSW Premier and her Coalition Liberal and Nationals state government are to face the people. That’s right no fewer than three simultaneous by-elections are to be held tomorrow; Saturday the 8th of April, 2017. This coincidentally, is the first day of public school Easter holidays for our kids. So if you’re in the NSW state parliamentary constituencies of Manly, North Shore or Gosford don’t forget to vote. I find the new Premier is a pleasant change. I think that she can give the government a fresh start and I

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 6 April 2017

Bubble Trouble Recently we are hearing more and more talk about the inevitable eventuality of a possible ‘housing bubble’. A concerning fact is that household debt from mortgage repayments to other essential family consumption in the form of credit card induced debt is escalating at an alarming rate because bills are becoming harder and harder to meet when the increased price of essential services, the burden of a family’s regular increases in the cost of private health insurance premiums added to the greater expense that  recently privatised energy providers’ fee  rises have stressed one’s brood whilst permanent employee after

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Bubble Trouble

The Australian Housing Market Recently we are hearing more and more talk about the inevitable eventuality of a “housing bubble”. One other concerning fact is that household debt is escalating at an alarming rate. Bubbles are ultimately a confidence game, in which the vendor sells the asset to a buyer at a profit, with the latter hoping to do the same in the future. This game relies on a powerful narrative that captures people’s imagination and persuades them their turn will be different. As George Soros, the famous US-Hungarian multi-billionaire hedge fund manager once remarked: […] Bubbles don’t grow out

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 5 April 2017

Wrong Calls Today’s segment is entitled wrong calls. What do I mean? Let’s hear! We’re a resilient lot us Aussies. Sadly time changes everything and over the years the epitome of the traditional Aussie of times long past living a happy and contented life in the land of milk and honey has morphed into a melting pot of intolerance and in some cases hostility. Australia today is no longer the land of milk and honey because the future is uncertain and our population is becoming increasingly more restless as governments of every type and of each political persuasion continuously