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Scuttled Again!

It’s been some time since the public was updated on the progress of Australia’s defence purchases. It appears that the Australian governments purchase of 12 new submarines from the French company DCNS[1] will end up to be another mammoth disastrous decision similar to the debacle of the Collins Class submarines. Another concern is the purchase of military aircraft on order[2]. Worrying comments relating to the combat plane’s performance[3] are of concern, so why isn’t the government questioning these concerns? What is it about the politicians we elect that they don’t seem to have the capacity of logical thinking. The

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Lobbyist within party circles

Will things now change or will they just be more of the same! In the Sunday telegraph of February 26, News page 15, Linda Silmalis presented an article entitled “Liberals puppet master pulls pin” The article describes the wide influence of Liberal powerbroker and former State  parliamentarian Michael Photios who stunned party members by announcing at a recent factional meeting his resignation as a factional leader.  This fellow is best described as a warlord lobbyist who has long exerted extensive power within the NSW Liberal party and even extended his influence into the federal arena. Lobbyist, Warlord or kingmaker

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Australia a Precious Land

Australia, described in the writings of Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson and Louis Esson inspires our imagination and take us to a time when Australia was the land of milk and honey with an abundance of opportunity and inspiration. They left us with a richness of stimulation and opportunity which translates into today’s Australia, a vibrant country with the beating heart of wandering immigrants, dispossessed indigenous people and a political system failing its peoples. It’s sad that the romanticism in the writings of those early poets has disappeared from our minds and way of life. Modernisation, globalisation, political correctness, along

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A World Free of Conflicts

The quietness of the dawn is soothing yet invigorating. The sun is about to rise and the first signs of life twittered in the surrounding trees. This time is my time, a time of peace and tranquillity, a time of reflection, a time to give thanks to the creator, a time to give thanks for my life. My personal sanctuary is a secret place I visit daily, it offers wonderful benefits and revitalises my body, mind and soul, I never want to leave my tranquil place of happiness. Opening my eyes from meditation the reality of the present floods

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Who Controls Who?

The Federal Reserve System – The Central Bank of the United States. This is the institution where the process of money creation begins in what they term a “fractional reserve” system. The instigators of this abhorrent system are responsible for the creation of the world’s debt, for as we know, debt controls people, business, governments and countries. “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” (Henry Ford 1922) Behind the scenes these money manipulators are the

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Is your mattress stuffed?

Keeping your hoard of cash under the mattress may not be such a good idea. Are you in favour of a cashless society? Your government is colluding to remove $100 bills from circulation. The cashless society is again firmly in the governments cross hairs. Alan Kohler wrote an opinion piece in the Australian Business Review advocating for this to happen. Kohler’s view is that Australia should follow India’s lead where the government of Narendra Modi proclaimed the immediate withdrawal of 1,000 and 500 rupee notes from circulation, effective immediately – they were no longer legal tender. The ban removed

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Grant Goldman Editorial – Friday 24 February 2017

Some of my listeners have complained about the election-time behaviour of GetUp!, whose activists infest polling booths in marginal electorates, getting in the way legitimate supporters of genuine political parties who are entitled to be there because they stand candidates. The scumbag outfit GetUp! Is presently using dishonestly collected money to advertise on the internet to this effect: “Adani spilled 60,000 tonnes of coal off the coast of Mumbai. Adani spilled coal and didn’t clean it up – they destroyed tourism on India’s coast. They can’t be trusted in the Great Barrier Reef.” A ship not owned by Adani sank

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Protecting Australia’s Sovereignty

Grant Goldman Editorial for Wednesday 22 February 2017 The Chinese Government’s push for globalism and free trade is seen by some observers as being more of a strategy for even greater control and ownership over Australian assets and that of the Pacific Rim. The PRC now seeks to fill the USA’s vacuum & its place for the secretive and undemocratic TPP. The Rinehart model for foreign ownership is the best and most forward-thinking option for Australia. Gina Rinehart’s recent push into the Cattle industry has involved  her purchase of a substantial two thirds interest in the Kidman cattle empire comprising

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George Brandis and a Failing Political System

Attorney-General George Brandis is typical of the majority of politicians who babble on for an eternity and say ‘NOTHING’. He was a guest on Q&A last night. His response to a lady in the audience questioning the government’s dubious debt collection policy was callous and measured blaming the previous Labor government for introducing the policy. The lady was obviously distressed yet Brandis showed little concern that his governments system was broken and causing serious grief to many Australians under scrutiny. This shows how out of touch with the average Australian governments are, in fact how out of touch with

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Australia – Who will you vote for?

Be careful what you wish for! The Australian public are so disillusioned with all elected representatives that it’s possible that Australia could end up with a narcissistic megalomaniac like Trump. Heaven forbid. So how do we get off this self-destructive treadmill of political bickering and jibing? Under the current political system it seems that the crap the public are subjected to by elected leaders is endless. It’s eroding our lifestyle; it’s hurting the young and disillusioned who have little work and little enthusiasm for anything other than self-indulgence, it’s crippling the elderly and infirm who are being targeted by

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Fake News – Fake Trump

Who really knows what’s going on within the Trump administration? Fake news, no news, lies and scandal, this is only the beginning, keep watching this channel for more entertaining adventures of Trump, Trump & Trump. This could make The Simpsons pale in comparison except for the fact that this is real time and the real world where glib comments, tweets and meaningless rhetoric can have serious consequences. This guy is a danger to himself and his country as he continues to engage his mouth before engaging his brain. Is it possible for a narcissistic ‘lover of women’ as he

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US General Michael Flynn (retired)

US President Donald Trump has blamed illegally leaked intelligence information for the downfall of his treasured personal pick as national security advisor General Michael Flynn. The New York Times has reported that US spy agencies had intercepted phone calls last year between Russian Intelligence and the Trump team. Although the Kremlin’s official spokesman Dmitry Peskov has denied these reports citing that anonymous sources had been quoted by the New York Times which appear to have the smell of more fake news by stating ‘They are not based on any facts and do not point to actual facts’. However, I

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Government Spending

Once again the public are outraged by Australian governments lending an ear to a Muslim activist youth leader who went on a taxpayer-funded trip around the Middle East to promote her book courtesy of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade The Australian reported. According to the government, Australia is in a critical financial situation and politics instead of common sense are playing out in Canberra where yesterday the government hinted at increasing taxes to pay for the debt the previous Labor government and wasteful spending of this government has placed our country. The point is that there is

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Who is Roger Stone?

Roger Stone began his 40 year career in politics alongside Richard Nixon, as a special operations aide and then as his closest adviser. Also during this time Roger Stone has been a close friend, confidant, employee, chief political adviser and a behind the scenes man to the newly minted president of the Unites States, Donald J Trump. Since then he has become the ultimate authority on winning political or corporate communications campaigns in America and elsewhere around the world. He has just released a book entitled, “The making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a revolution” Trump

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Muslim Activists playing the ‘Victim’ game

The Victim Game – Q&A Here we are again, expected to kowtow to Muslim minority groups who expect preferential treatment using their ethnicity and faith as a battering ram to admonish Australia, its Anglo heritage and anything else they can dream up in the hope of getting a sympathetic ear. Actually all they are doing is widening the gap and alienating themselves as individuals and as a group from main stream Australian society with their surreptitious agendas in an attempt to divide and change Australia. As for wanting an apology from the ABC well that’s a perfect example of

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Lobbyist impact driving NSW!

What impact might lobbyists have on the freshly minted NSW Government? As Reported by Sean Nicholls in the Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 10th February 2017; entitled, ‘The problems Berejiklian isn’t talking about can’t stay off the table’. Since Gladys Berejiklian was sworn in as NSW Premier she has hit the ground running, she has announced some priority areas like local infrastructure, housing affordability, a strong economy and is contemplating repairing the damage caused by unpopular policies such as forced council mergers. However, there are a few issues you are unlikely to hear Berejiklian talking about with any relish.

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 14 February 2016 – COMPANY TAX

On Friday last week I again raised the matter of company tax, having first explained on this program ten months ago that 35 years of history of company tax in Australia clearly proves that when the rate of tax is reduced, the quantum of tax actually increases. The wise listeners to this program understand that if we pitch our company tax rate below the tax rates of competing nations, then there will be a great incentive for international companies to arrange their finances so that their profits are made in Australia rather than in Singapore for example. My listeners understand

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Jacqui Lambie on Q&A

‘Stop playing the victim, we’ve had enough,’ ‘Your ban got lifted get over it.’ Jacqui’s comments were directed toward Ms. Abdel-Magied in a Q&A program aired on the ABC last night. Well said Jacqui, we agree we don’t want Sharia Law in Australia and we should deport all people who seek to inflict terror on the people of Australia. If that means thousands then so be it. Australia has been too liberal with its immigration programs in the past and today we are seeing the emergence of Muslim radicalisation within some sections within our community. As the global landscape changes

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Sudanese Gangs Test the Authorities

Yet another incident where it was reported that up to 70 Sudanese youths invaded Melbourne’s Summersault 2017 festival intimidating people, stealing mobile phones and physical injuries were inflicted on innocent festival goers. Yet again the police and security personnel did little if anything to stop the criminal activity and mayhem created by these violent, disrespectful criminals who our government allowed into this country as ‘refugees’ It’s time to deport the lot of them and their families back to the war torn lifestyle they embrace. Our stupid immigration policies are allowing these people to come here and abuse our system

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Extracts from a Changing World

The world is changing, and once-strong democracies are struggling with economic, military, safety and other challenges. Historians Will and Ariel Durant concluded that democracies are “hectic interludes” between other, more stable, forms of government, and they are “the most difficult of all forms of government” (The Lessons of History, pp. 69, 77). The Durant’s observed that if modern democracies falter, “the road to dictatorship will be open to any man who can persuasively promise security to all” (ibid., pp. 79-80). Iran is testing the waters with the new American President. “Iran conducted its first ballistic missile test under Donald