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Grant Goldman Editorial for Wednesday 1st February 2017 There are some undeniable universal political truths which are applicable across the spectrum to every Politician. They are: All politics is local. A politician must be an effective local member advocate before assuming a higher office. Put simply one cannot be a Minister before being a humble backbencher. By firstly getting the suitable ideology in place; then, the politics will look after itself. One who practices the correct policy doctrine for the electorate will quickly find that their supporters will duly follow and political opportunities will present themselves. When democracy begins

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Grant Goldman Editorial for January 31 2017

Just eleven sleeps ago on January the 18th, 2017 then NSW Premier Mike Baird stunned the NSW public by resigning virtually without notice. He has since left parliament and his former electorate office lays abandoned of its elected representative and it is now awaiting an incoming member of parliament to be decided at a soon to be held forthcoming by-election. What caused this unexpected political meltdown? A Personal Breakdown of sorts? If so, not unlike John Brogden before him; he deserves our empathy, understanding and best personal wishes given the harshness that public life exerts on ones’ family. Not

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Australia Day 2017

It used to be a day of peace, harmony and celebration for those who wanted to celebrate, sadly look what it’s turning into. The Daily Mail reported that some actors, who I’ve never heard of, and some politicians have joined a social media campaign to change the date. It seems that every man and his dog that has some ‘thought bubble’ feels that it’s their right to challenge the practiced norms. That’s ok providing there is some logical thought process behind the movement and responsibility is taken for their actions. Social media has changed our lives and has changed

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Australia Day Banner

Well said Prue MacSween. One would expect to see such a banner displayed in a Muslim country but not in Australia. Australia is not a Muslim country and those who surreptitiously attempt to make it so should be mindful of the millions of Australians they are offending. Whoever thought to display this banner was cavalier about the message they were sending as all it did was divide even further the rift between immigrants and citizens of Australia. Wherever you come from and no matter what religious belief you follow, if you are unhappy about this great country that took

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 13 January 2017

In the raucousness of the British parliament’s House of Commons it was once said that a wise old sage of an MP was counselling a newer member who whilst frustrated with the opposition described them as the enemy. No the parliamentary elder said, they are the opposition. The real enemy is behind you. Most of us realise that in politics nothing is an accident. We can see this political reality practised yet again. This time, in the USA by veteran Republican Senator for Arizona, John McCain. The former unsuccessful Republican Party Presidential nominee was easily beaten by then incoming

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 12 Jan 2017

odern Australia is an ethnically and culturally diverse nation. Freedom and democracy in Australia means that we are able to practise the beliefs of our choosing in peaceful observance of our laws and usually with faith and festivities at the front of mind. It is a time for each of us to enjoy the company of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues in a collective effort to settle the challenges of the year just past and look forward with joyful optimism to the forthcoming year ahead. Christians in Australia and throughout our globe have concluded Christmas festivities. New Year’s Eve

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday the 9th of January, 2017

The Brush Turkey In 2017 Chinese New Year falls on January the 28th.  As this date approaches, we learn that it will be the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese Astrological chart. This is a convenient segue for me to introduce today’s topic which is the humble Australian Brush Turkey. However, my understanding is that Australia’s greatest ever broadcaster John Laws, who can be heard weekdays on our Super Radio Network following this program, would most likely prefer to consume his Wild Turkey when and where appropriate. Today I expand upon the Australian Brush Turkey, a unique and

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Chinese Tactical Maneuvering

On August 13 2016 we wrote an article ‘Endgame’ outlining reported acquisitions by Chinese interests. The news report Jan 5 2017 ‘Communist China moves against Trump, asserts control over strategic ports’ details specific procurement by Chinese state controlled corporations masquerading as private entities. In Australia it appears that a blind man could have seen the surreptitious manoeuvring by Chinese entities throwing money at State and Federal governments to secure key infrastructure within the nation. No matter, MONEY talks, even at the expense of Australia’s future, unfortunately blind men never get elected to government. Australia is being manipulated by all