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Grant Goldman Christmas Message

It’s Christmas Time again and we’re at the tail end of 2016. Just two more sleeps left and children everywhere will be able to open their prized presents from Santa. Millions of us will spend this wonderful Christmas and festive season time together in our own special way. At this precious time we recognise the universal messages of peace, love, compassion and goodwill, and give thanks for our blessings. Many of us will covey these feelings by sharing time with family and close friends. Some will be travelling to places near and far. I wish all of my cherished

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New Language – New Government is what is needed!

Today’s Daily Mail Australia Online made reference to the Victorian Government Equality Minister Martin Foley instructing Victorian workers to use “Gender – Neutral Pronouns ‘zie’ and ‘hir’. He said it will help eliminate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. I think he forgot to include mental phobia and brain surgery. He needs to take a chill pill. Is this what our taxpayers money goes to promote? There are serious issues within all communities throughout Australia which need immediate attention yet this bumbling buffoon of a ‘minister’ can only come up with such a stupid recommendation. No wonder the Australian public is sick

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Editorial Mon 19 Dec

As we approach Christmas the national outlook is dismal. The economy is shrinking, we risk falling into recession, and record numbers of Australians are homeless. Treasurer Scott Morrison last week asserted that households carrying large amounts of debt should take comfort from rising asset prices including house prices.  There is no comfort at all for the millions of Australians who own no real estate, and whose modest savings are undermined daily by our high taxing, high-spending governments. No wonder that the Morrison comment has been described as “Inane” and “stupid” by fund manager Roger Montgomery. Today Scott Morrison will

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Death of Cash Continued

Death of Cash Continued  – Operation India; Watch out the Aussie $100 Note! On the 19th of February, 2016 : I spoke about the death of cash. Here’s a part of what I said back then. Do the terms, Bit-Coin, block-Chain, Pay-Wave & RFID sound familiar? Mint Payments say that Australians currently withdraw more than $11 Billion from ATMs each month. Moreover, research reveals that breakthroughs in    e-commerce technology, including Smartphone payment advances and tablet transactions becoming standard, plus E-tolls, Public Transport Opal cards and the plastic cards currently residing in  wallets could lead to the death of cash within