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Housing Affordability in Australia – Grant Goldman

Last Thursday, the 24th of November, in this segment I spoke about Housing. I posed the following question; what effect has foreign investment in our residential property market contributed? And, I made a further passing reference to the likelihood of residential property falling victim to marketplace speculation. Furthermore, I canvassed the prospect of that genuine debate be now had about negative gearing of residential property by investors and the existing taxation structure relating to capital gains. So, I was more than impressed that almost as if on cue, within twenty-four hours, the exact following day no less after my

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The Reality of Foundations and the Australian Connection

USA President Bill Clinton opened the William J Clinton foundation which was established in 1997 and from 2013 it became the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton foundation. It operates as a non-profit corporation via section 501C, 3 of the United States’ tax code. Its offices are located in New York City and Little Rock Arkansas, USA. The founding mission statement includes, “strengthening the capacity of people in the USA and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.” These are praiseworthy aims emanating from practicing elitists. Ironically, wasn’t it globalism itself that was the meant answer to

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Finally Government Making Some Effort ……. Or are they?

Although there is some value to the government’s latest approach to fixing the problem of lifetime welfare dependent migrants and extremists coming to Australia they need to do more and show some real initiative. We would have thought that having some ability to understand and speak English be a mandatory requirement together with work skills enabling migrants to find work and to support themselves. Australia needs skilled migrants with social skills and an ethical approach to living and integrating into Australian society. Quizzing migrants on their employment history, their capacity to speak and understand English and their children’s school

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What’s going on with Medicare?

Why is the Australian government pursuing an innocent aged person who is only standing up for his beliefs? Check it out. His website only tells the story of government intention and how if left unchecked will implement more and more austerity and eventually Medicare will become no more than a reminder of what used to be. This Turnbull government has no more credibility than any previous government. The bully boys within government ranks come across as uncaring, inconsiderate and tactically incompetent. Remember we all vote! We signed a petition and voiced our opinion. Let’s hope someone listens, if they

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Innocents Suffering at the hands of Asylum Seekers

It was widely reported yesterday yet another incident involving an Asylum Seeker who decided to intentionally cause pain, suffering and possible death to innocent Australians because he could not get money out of an ATM. Once again the innocent face of Australia has been blighted by an illegal who should never have been allowed into the country. Get tough Australia and start deporting criminals who enter Australia illegally and deport the so called ‘refugees’ who commit criminal acts and terrorise our citizens. Thanks to government open door policies offering more than generous welfare to the thousands of illegal boat

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Is NSW for sale to the highest political donors?

Fears petrol prices will increase!  as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on page 14, October 28 2016. ‘Favour for a political donor’: Retailers slam ethanol rules by Sean Nicholls. Angry fuel retailers are accusing the NSW government of doing the bidding of a political donor and putting motorists at risk of higher fuel prices over plans to boost the sales of E10 petrol.  Better Regulations Minister Victor Dominello has outlined the rules to determine which retailers will have to sell the E10 blend of ethanol and regular unleaded for the first time and an exemption regime to shield

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Grant Editorial Monday 14 Nov 2016

Does anyone remember members of the Australian Labor Party rioting and destroying property and attacking police to protest against the recent election victory by Malcolm Turnbull?  I don’t think so.  In 120 years of its history the Labor Party has always accepted the decision of the voters. Perhaps the Australian Labor Party should send a delegation to the United States to teach the Democrats how to behave when they lose an election. The friends of Hillary Clinton have been busy. 180 of them were arrested in Los Angeles on Friday night. On Saturday night in Portland Oregon Protesters blocked

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Grant Goldman Editorial  Remembrance Day 11 Nov 206

  Today is Remembrance Day in Australia and Veterans Day in the United States of America. The USA has a new President-elect and the Free World has a new leader. This is after a campaign where the Trump forces spent $306,931,000.  The Clinton forces spent $687,262,000, two and a quarter times as much.  In addition the overwhelming majority of American media campaigned relentlessly against Trump and for Clinton, much the same as they campaigned against Goldwater and for Johnson in 1964. In Australia the ABC was shamelessly operating as a branch office of the Democratic Party. Will the taxpayer

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Mike Baird Sell Off……………

Premier Mike Baird is literally preparing to sell the ground beneath your feet, and I would add your heritage, culture and everything you loved, cared and have already paid for. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Correspondent Sean Nicholls reported in page 6 on October 24 that a “Fire sale’ looms for Crown land!” A proposed overhaul of how the $12 billion Crown land estate is managed in NSW has prompted warnings of a potential fire sale by the Baird government and accusations it is seeking to avoid public scrutiny. Sound familiar! This is all too common with this duplicitous and

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Turnbull wants to change Australia’s environment act

Samantha Hepburn – Director of the Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Law, Deakin Law School, Deakin University Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is seeking changes to Australia’s national environment act to stop conservation groups from challenging ministerial decisions on major resource developments and other matters of environmental importance. Turnbull is reviving a bid made by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott to abolish Section 487 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) – a bid rejected in the Senate in 2015. If it goes ahead, the change will significantly diminish the functionality of the act. The EPBC Act, introduced

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Western Australia

On 26 October, an article by Marian Tomsey in the online publication, The Spectator Australia, drew to my attention an interesting political development on the other side of the continent, in Western Australia. Marian Tomsey described a plan by the Leader of the Nationals in Western Australia, Brendon Grylls, to slap an extra levy of $4.75 per ton on most of the iron ore mined in Western Australia.  She wrote that the proposed levy would make Western Australia the highest taxing iron ore jurisdiction in the world. In Geraldton on Saturday 29 October National Party Leader Brendon Grylls made

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Finally Some Words of Wisdom

After reading about the ”Apex” gang and the criminal behavior of its members for some months, finally the government is making noises about taking action to fix the problem they created. The Mail Online reported that the immigration minister is considering revoking visas and deporting criminal immigrants. It’s about time! Poor immigration policy is bringing peoples from violent cultural backgrounds and placing them into our peaceful suburbs without any support for the locals who are subjected to criminal behavior by these people. Some cultures just don’t mix and assimilate with our society and will always remain on the fringes.

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Polly Perks Plunder the Coffers.

Here we go again, another example of Pollys with their snouts in the trough at the expense of the general public. It would be interesting to find out how much money our government and all their departments cost this country with a total breakdown of who gets what and for doing what. A Royal Commission you say! As governments continue to squeeze the life out of workers, the sick, and pensioners their mob continue to openly flaunt their wealth and the lurks and perks made available to them by laws they created. It’s nothing more than blatant slap in

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Governments Asleep at the Wheel

As reported by mainstream newspapers and television stations hundreds of workers will lose their jobs upon the closure of the Hazelwood power station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Here is another example of reactive governments failing to prepare for the inevitable, failing to implement measures whereby communities are presented with viable alternative employment. The story is always the same, wait until the last minute before announcing the bad news, pay the workers out, offer a few token resources in an attempt to retrain them for alternative work, if there is any, and then forget about them. They are news for