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Land asset grab or animal welfare?

In an alarming and gutless Facebook announcement the Baird Government shocked the state of NSW by initially declaring their intention to shut down our greyhound racing industry by July 2017. A pronouncement was made without first consulting the industry or raising the matter in a genuine all party Parliamentary hearing to scrutinise Justice Michael McHugh’s report that contained 80 recommendations, seventy-nine of which did not include ceasing the industry. The matter was not properly ventilated by those whose job it is to fully appreciate issues. Rather, the ABC and minority social justice warriors led the way. They thought that

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Australian Justice System an Absurdity

I’m not a devoted fan of Derryn Hinch but he does instigate some thought and discussion on issues that should be brought into the public domain. This is one such issue as reported by the Daily Mail Australia. An incident occurred in which a 28 year old Afghan national was jailed for one day (that’s 1 day) and had his license suspended for two days (Yes that’s 2 days) for deliberately running over a police officer. Read the full story it’s an amazing insight into the stupid Australian Justice system that allows incompetent magistrates to set free criminals with

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Winners and Losers – Who’s Playing Who!

When it comes to politics there is never a level playing field. Bill Shortens handshake deal with the CMFEU (Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union) is another example of individuals putting their own ambitions before that of the country they were elected to represent. This sellout guaranteed Bill Shorten the numbers to beat his opponent Anthony Albanese for the leadership of the labor party. This is not so much about the union movement but rather another insight into the back room deals that play out within our political system. The public who vote rarely get who or what they voted

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Governments Wasting Taxpayers Money

Wasting Tax Payers Money Here we go again, let’s all jump on the merry go round! Why not, it’s not their money. Here is another example of pollys wasting our hard earned tax dollars. While the plebs in society endure hard times and benefit cuts, pollys of all affiliations keep plundering the coffers on wasteful junkets. This is only a recent one that’s been brought to the publics notice, what about the dozens that go unreported? It’s laughable that this particular excursion, to Paris mind you, and arranged by the Department of Foreign Affairs for 23 officers travelling business

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The Rapid Decline of Civilised Societies

Face the truth that Australia is fast becoming a violent out of control country where crime including fraud, drugs and violence thrives within many cities and country areas and that most of the population is desensitised to the extent that we accept this as the norm. Open your daily papers, read online, its fact that crime is escalating with authorities too reluctant to enforce the law for fear of retribution or a backlash from the civil liberties advocates. Social chaos is being fueled by politicians who at best make a parliamentary appearance and worst say and do nothing meaningful,

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Child Poverty in Australia

Yes it’s in the news again but how are governments and welfare agencies going to fix the issue? Poverty is not a new social issue, it’s been around since the birth of mankind but one would have thought that in the twenty first century with the advancement of mankind poverty would have been eradicated. Apparently not so! In fact in many countries poverty thrives. Poverty is created within societies by differing causes, some we can control and change, some we cannot. All governments have a responsibility to their citizens to provide opportunities for affordable housing, health, education and work.

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GREYHOUND RACING In recent months my listeners have been expressing growing concerns about the decision making processes of the Government of NSW.  One underlying issue which is raised again and again is the influence upon decision making of high flying professional lobbyists who are also senior office bearers and factional leaders. Such people can stand to gain a great deal from decisions by individuals who owe their careers to those very same professional lobbyists. In July when the NSW Government made its shock announcement of its intended ban on greyhound racing, on this program we led the way  in