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Better protection needed for Sydney`s water catchments! In recent editorials I have expressed concern about how big should Sydney be. One of the problems with an excessively large city is water supply. Sydneysiders enjoy wonderful water quality and we want to keep it that way.  A recent Court ruling upholding the right of an underground coal mine near Lithgow to discharge water daily into the Warragamba catchment has caused concern for some people, including members of Environment groups the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, the Nature Conservation Council and 4Nature. In recent days the NSW Land and Environment Court has

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GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL Tuesday 27 September 2016

Yesterday I asked the question, how big should Sydney be? NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes seems to accept the forecast that in 2036 Sydney will have a population of 6.42 million, with the population of NSW jumping by 2.7 million, to almost 10 million.  2.1 million of the increase – that is seventy four percent or about three quarters is going to be in Sydney.  I made the point that it would be better for everyone if three quarters of the population increase were to take place in rural and remote New South Wales.  I also predicted that on

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Today, let’s ask the question, how big should Sydney be? The Sydney Morning Herald of September 12 carried an article by Jacob Saulwick and  Kieran Gair headed  “Sydney population booms and the only way is up and in”.  From the article we learned that the population of Sydney is surging faster than predicted, putting more pressure on the city`s already-stretched housing and transport needs.  NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes spins this news as a symptom of Sydney`s success with the release by the State Government of figures showing the city`s population is expected to leap by more than 2.1

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The Lobbyist register maintained by the NSW Electoral Commission lists 143 entities.  They include Capital Hill Advisory Services Pty Ltd, whose principals are former State Parliamentarian Michael Photios and former Johnson & Johnson employee and Party President Nicholas Campbell.  For many years Campbell and Photios pretended to be leaders of opposing factions in the Liberal Party, but as their commercial alliance demonstrates, in Liberal Party factional battles questions like ideology and political viewpoints count for nothing.  It is all about the money. On this program we have discussed the malign influence within the NSW Liberal Party of high-flying political

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Yesterday I raised the issue of the Greens staging a pre-planned walkout during Pauline Hanson’s first speech last week.  The Greens came seriously unstuck. What was obvious to everyone is that the Greens just hate the idea of anyone saying anything to contradict their own twisted view of the world.  And why is it that the Greens are so keen to defend Moslems from even gentle criticism? The Greens are hostile to our Christian civilisation, and they instinctively ally themselves with anyone else who is hostile to Christian civilisation. Following yesterday’s editorial I received a flood of favourable comment,

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Last week on Wednesday 14 September, Senator Pauline Hanson delivered her First Speech to the Senate.  Senators of the Australian Greens staged a pre-planned walk out during the speech, just at the point when Senator Hanson was warning that Australia was under threat from Sharia Law.  As the Greens senators rose from their seats and filed out behind her, Pauline Hanson was saying:  “Radicalisation is happening on our streets, suburbs, in mosques. Yet our leaders continue to tell us to be tolerant and embrace the good Muslims.” The leader of the Greens Senator Richard Di Natale tweeted shortly afterwards:

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Australia on the Road to Nowhere

The Daily Mail Australia reported a pregnant woman walking in south east Melbourne was attacked by a number of thugs believed to be from Melbourne’s African Apex gang. The masked men were armed with a baseball bat, axe and hammer. It is believed that the same gang is responsible for an attempted carjacking earlier in the evening. Why do authorities allow these violent delinquents to remain in Australia? The question we should ask is “Why did the government allow them visas in the first place”? – Maybe we should ask the Greens! How much more violence and intimidation do

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New South Wales voters having their say

New South Wales voters having their say Grant Goldman Editorial 16 June 2016 The growing problems of the Baird government in New South Wales have been highlighted by an article in the Sydney Morning Herald by of Monday September 12 by Jacob Saulwick, Anna Patty and James Massola, with the headline:  “Backlash for Baird as council votes roll in across western Sydney , regional NSW”. Here is what the article has to say “The State Labor Party spent Sunday enjoying a string of strong results in council elections across outer-suburban Sydney and in regional NSW, partly attributed to a

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‘In time, this world will be China’s’

“In time, this world will be China’s” It could be the title for a Bond movie but it refers to a comment made by a brother of one of China’s richest men. The Ye Cheng family, Chinese billionaires behind the contentious  Landbridge Group acquisition of the Port of Darwin. Adding to this another world port has been purchased – read more. Should Australia be concerned about handing control of a major northern port to foreign interests – YES is our answer. Stop to look at how China is positioning itself globally. While the world is distracted by global conflict and

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Failing World Governments – Social Disorder and Poverty

It’s quite obvious to the majority of the population of the world that the main reason for social disorder and poverty around the globe is that governments are failing to provide the necessary conditions for a peaceful and prosperous life. Take a look back throughout recent global history but more importantly Australia’s recent past. Poverty existed then and is now, with no apparent answer other than to donate to charities and provide more services to cope with an ever increasing demand. The retiring Reserve Bank chief Glenn Stephens made some comment to the effect that Australia has been in

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Greyhound Racing Ban

GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL 6 September 2016 On Tuesday 16 August I drew to your attention the news that the popular New Zealand actor Sam Neill had ridiculed the Baird Government’s decision to close down the NSW Greyhound Racing industry. You will remember that this program was first to highlight the weakness of the Government’s case for relying on the McHugh report, and it was a pleasure to see that other broadcasters followed suit. From the beginning we raised the possibility that the Baird government’s declaration of war on the Greyhound Racing Industry might be motivated by some factor other

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Australia – The Lost Continent

An alarming article in the Daily Mail Australia online should be a wake up call to politicians of all persuasions especially to the major parties who claim to have the nation’s interests at heart. We feel sorry for all children who suffer at the hands of parents, religions, governments, criminals and other abusers who are damaging innocent lives in the name of who knows what. Poor children! The article outlines how our legal systems are being undermined and manipulated by immigrants who wish to impose their religious and cultural beliefs onto our free and peaceful society. Why should the

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Animal welfare

Grant Goldman editorial 5 September 2016 My listeners are very well aware that this program alerted the people of New South Wales to the elements of the McHugh Report which were inconsistent with the Government’s intention to close down the Greyhound Racing Industry. Other broadcasters took up the matter, and now a common topic of discussion across the State is the Premier`s claim to be concerned about the welfare of greyhounds and his decision to shut down the industry, supposedly because of those concerns. Critics have noted that the Premier is a great deal less concerned about the thousands

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Kindergarten Pollys

A new parliament sitting – another term of bickering and bull sh–! So what’s different in this new term of parliament? Actually nothing when it comes to the childish behavior these clowns who call themselves politicians display. We can’t believe that they have the gall and audacity to draw a wage when all they do is bicker and jostle for political power and position at the expense of the Australian voters. Australia and its population suffer the consequences of these idiots who are supposed to be running the country. Frankly it’s disgusting and worrying that Australia cannot find one

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The foolish Premier!

GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL FRIDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2016 “Embattled” is just one of the words currently being used to describe the New South Wales Premier, Michael Baird.  What we seem to be watching is a government which cannot resist the temptation to meddle in the lives of its citizens. Around the world there is a growing realisation of a principle that is by no means new.  The principle is that if governments reduce their impact and cut their costs, then useful consequences follow, in terms of job creation, capital accumulation and an increase in human happiness. The desire of the

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Doubling the GST

GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL 1 SEPTEMBER 2016 In his Maiden Speech to Parliament, the newly elected Liberal MP for Goldstein in Victoria, whose name is Tim Wilson, has called for the GST to be doubled to 20%, Here is a fellow who has been in the Parliament for five minutes and he already wants to attack the Australia people by doubling the GST.  Tim Wilson was appointed by Tony Abbott as Human Rights Commissioner, which means that he is accustomed to receiving a comfortable salary with lurks and perks like having his travel costs and accommodation costs paid by the