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Opening of Parliament

Grant Goldman Editorial Wed 31 Aug 2016 The Chief Justice of the High Court, His Honour Robert French AC has presided over the Opening of Parliament. Tina Brown provided the Welcome to Country. The Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove delivered the Opening Speech outlining the Government’s legislative priorities for the term, including strengthening the economy and delivering a “nation-changing” referendum to recognise indigenous people in the constitution. Labor MPs heckled Sir Peter’s comments on protecting Medicare and the success of the NBN.  Some media selected as a highlight an unscheduled hug the Governor-General received from the Deputy Opposition Leader

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Emotional Manipulation – Fact or Fiction?

Emotional Manipulation Clip by David Icke Another viewpoint on who and why we are constantly being manipulated by governments of all persuasions. Australia is not immune. Be your own self not controlled by surreptitious manipulation. Keep your own counsel. Look after your families and be kind to each other. Don’t believe everything controlling governments and their cohort media associations want you to believe.

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Viewpoint – The Greens a flower power entity with no real agenda!

Since the election this past July we have been taking a closer look at each political party caretaking our beautiful country Australia. The Greens Agenda Scanning through their online spiel we noticed listed under their Flagship Campaigns that their first agenda is – A better way for asylum seekers – Umm! I would have thought Australian interests be placed first on any political party’s agenda, after all this is the country they purport to call their own and fight for if necessary (although we’re unsure of that last observation). Take a look at Angela Merkel’s party’s stance on refugees,

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Crime – What Crime?

Gold Coast Bulletin August 24 2016 Focus today is on the Gold Coast and we can reveal that crime is exploding with top cops attributing part of the blame on visitors and an increase in population numbers. Well let’s face it, someone has to take the blame! Monday’s GCB front page reported “Dial a Dealer”, “Tuesday’s GCB front page reported “Murder & Mayhem” and today’s edition “Blow-in Crime Wave”. These are great headlines for paper sales and a major tourist destination if it wasn’t for the sad fact that innocent people get caught up in the chaos. This is

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Vietnam Veterans Day

Today is a very significant day for all who honour the members of the military who have placed the welfare and safety of the nation ahead of their own health and their own lives.  Today is a very important day for every man or woman who has accepted the risk of being in harm’s way as a member of the armed forces.  And today is especially significant and especially important for all who lost loved ones among the 521 Australian service personnel who gave their lives for Australia in Vietnam, and for all the survivors and their relatives among

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Kelly Burke – “Heritage Harbour sell-off”

Less than two weeks ago in the Daily Telegraph of Saturday 6 August, Kelly Burke authored an article headlined “Heritage Harbour sell-off”. The article asserted that Premier Baird and the NSW Minister for Finance Services and Property  Dominic Perrottet are ready to sell off a raft of landmark or heritage buildings which were held by the Sydney Harbour foreshore authority until 2015 when that  statutory body was absorbed by the government into  its Property Division. On the list for sale in coming months are five harbourside hotels, namely two Novatels plus the Four Seasons, the Shangri-La, and the Ibis. 

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Endgame ……..

It’s no coincidence that China is maneuvering itself into strategic positions globally. “China is challenging the balance of power in the Pacific with much greater determination… A symbolic moment was reached in 2014 when the IMF announced that, measured in terms of purchasing power; China is now the world’s largest economy… China’s rise is just part of a larger shift in economic power. According to the IMF, three of the world’s four largest economies are now in Asia” (Financial Times, August 5, 2016). Earlier this year China “reportedly deployed two batteries of HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles to a disputed island

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Bob Carr should shut up or move to China

Australia is an attractive target for foreign raiders. It’s about time Australian’s did business on their terms and not be bullied into selling out this country. We are well aware that governments of all persuasions are in debt and scratching for funds. It’s about time we changed our mindset and became a self-sufficient nation, a nation that dictates its terms of trade and a nation that can protect its sovereignty. The world needs resources and will continue to do so well into the future. As resources and markets dry up Australia is well placed to capitalize but it should

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Sober up Ciobo!

A snippet in the GCB with the headline – “Booze not to blame for violence – Ciobo” grabbed our attention. The Federal Tourism Minister Steven Ciobo speaking at the Australian Liquor Stores Association conference clearly attempted to disassociate entertainment precinct violence from the overindulgence of alcohol. He cited ‘lack of transport’ as the reason for street violence by late night clubbers and bar hoppers. Naturally as a responsible intelligent government minister, what else could he have said? Yes we have another uninformed person with his head in the clouds openly supporting the nation’s biggest social scourge – alcohol abuse

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Wong is Wrong!

Australia must welcome Chinese investment in farmland, agribusiness if it means a better trade deal says Shadow Trade Minister Penny Wong Another moronic statement by a polly waffler! I wonder whose side she is on? After reading an article published in the Weekly Times by Rob Harris  it’s no wonder Australians are absolutely disillusioned with a political system that encourages stupidity. Australia is being led down the path to oblivion by governments, state and federal with no plausible explanation as to why their “sell off” policies are valid and in the best interest of Australia and its citizens. Wong

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PRC Surreptitiously Buying Our Agricultural Assets

Around the nation, and what is even more important, among my listeners, there is a high and rising concern about the burgeoning level of foreign ownership of productive Australian rural land.  By far the biggest worry is ownership by companies which are extensions of the Communist-controlled government of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The Goldman doctrine is that there is no need for any Communist  government agency to own even one acre of Australian rural property.  The Chinese want food security.  They can have food security.  The Communist Chinese can have whatever they want from Australia without the need to own

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CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! Australian Bureau of Statistics website CRASHES.

Australian Bureau of Statistics website CRASHES What would one expect from incompetent fools that contract the company that was responsible for the Queensland Health Payroll debacle! It raises a number of questions one being why was IBM even considered after the company’s previous failing to deliver to the Queensland government (IBM was awarded a contract to replace Queensland Health’s ageing LATTICE payroll system in 2007, which was plagued with defects when it went live in 2010). One may also wonder how the tender process for the contract was conducted. Another more serious question comes to mind, that of our personal data

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Census 2016: How the government earned $41 million selling YOUR information

Census 2016: How the government earned $41 million selling YOUR information – and wants to match names and addresses to sell ‘new products’  The National Census of Population and Housing will be held on August 9  For the first time personal information will be retained for four years  It’s run by the Bureau of Statistics, which plans crossmatch private details  A report says the Bureau wants to link names and addresses to census data The purpose is for the Bureau to create ‘new products’, the report said The ABS earned $41 million in 2015 by selling data it had

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Australia’s critical infrastructure being sold to foreign powers

It was reported in the Daily Mail that Scott Morrison treasurer of Australia is contemplating the sell-off of another piece of critical infrastructure to a Chinese company. As a lay person making observations based only on news reports you may say that these comments and concerns are unfounded. Take a moment to find out which countries control or are bidding to control Australia’s critical infrastructure. All are overseas based with strong links to foreign governments. Should Australians be concerned? YES they should be very concerned. Look what happened with the Port of Darwin! It was reported that there were

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Australian 2016 Census

Here is another example of governments abusing their power by imposing laws that place everyone’s privacy at risk. We understand that they need certain information but this census is going over the top and many people are wary of the government’s intention to request names and retain other associated information for long periods of time. Nothing digital today is 100% secure. We noticed Nick Xenophon on the news this evening refusing to put his name to the census form he completes. All Australians should do the same. Identity theft is growing at a fast pace with no means to

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Social Decline – Indigenous Communities

In reply to Grant Goldman’s post on the Incarceration of young Australians we agree that the current system is failing dramatically. Having said this we must look at Australia’s past efforts in dealing with the problem. Not a good track record. Little has been achieved when it comes to helping indigenous communities to improve their lot. There is no ‘one’ answer to solving the issues affecting the deteriorating structure of aboriginal communities in Australia. Typical of Governments and NGOs they provide a ‘scratch the surface’ approach, throwing money and poorly thought out intervention programs at these communities hoping for

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The South China Sea – A Chinese Viewpoint

Further to the article on Aggressive Neighbors we thought it reasonable to present the Chinese viewpoint. Recently I read an article on how a senior Chinese[1]  General views the South China Sea issue. Peng stated and we quote “stressing that he would express his own personal ideas; he was not representing official positions of the Chinese government or the PLA.”[2] Peng’s forthright comments are nationalistic and subtly forceful as one would expect. Keeping in mind the history of the region it seems that China is determined to implement its patriotic policy. Peng said and we quote “Let me give you

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Friday 5 August Senate

More than a month after the Double Dissolution Election, the Senate Count has been finalised.  For the growing number of Australians worried about the harm being done to our economy and our future by the Global Warming Cult, the result has been worth the wait. On the Senate cross-benches there are now seven Senators who simply will not accept the official line that our liberties and our economic future should be seriously constrained for the sake of meeting arbitrary emissions reduction targets.  There are seven senators who will not be bullied by the Global Warming Cult.  As time goes

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Aggressive Neighbors

An editorial which appeared in The Global Times last week and reported on by The Daily Mail should be a wake up call to all levels of Australian government that there is trouble smoldering and that Australia is a target of aggression not only from IS but also from its neighbors. Wake up Australia! The past few years have seen the world fall victim to criminal gangs using religion as an excuse for their atrocities, countries invaded, millions of peoples displaced by their governments and many other acts of violence and aggression globally. This level of violence combined with