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Almost four weeks after the election, we are getting closer to the end of counting.  A new election is possible in Herbert, and a recount for the Senate is likely for the Senate in Tasmania, where the number two Greens candidate has just 144 more votes than the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Candidate. This is a good time to review policies which were advocated prior to the election. Opposition spokesperson on trade, Senator Penny Wong said a Labor government would make it easier for international investors to buy Australian farms. Senator Wong Labor would lift from $15 million to

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Freedom of Speech

Wednesday 27 July Sonia Kruger What do Sonia Kruger, Kerrianne Kennerly and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson have in common?  Each is articulate, each is in the public eye, each is willing to express an opinion, and each of these ladies is in favour of freedom of speech. For a couple of decades the misogynists have been stringgering at Pauline Hanson, and some of them have scuttled away with their tails between their legs. Recently the misogynists found another target in the form of Sonia Kruger, who came under vicious attack for simply expressing a legitimate concern which the great majority

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Election Shenanigans

Election Shenanigans On Friday the 29th of January I spoke about the questionable integrity of the elections in Australia. I described the 2010 hung parliament as one of the closest elections in Australia’s history, and mentioned that that had the Coalition secured just 1,510 after preference votes more, then Tony Abbott would have been elected PM three years earlier. It was also later discovered that following that poll 1,454 nationwide voters had admitted to having voted more than once after the AEC sent out 16,210 letter to voters’ suspected of having voted multiple times. Only 19 cases were referred

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Middle East History

Background on current situation in the Middle East Several of my listeners have asked for some historical background on the present situation in the Middle East, so here were are: The former Ottoman Empire founded in 1299 and headquartered in Istanbul (Constantinople) at its height ruled over much of the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa & the Balkans. It included the holiest of Islamic cities Medina & Mecca. For a significant period of its existence the Ottoman or Turkish empire was a Caliphate, ruled by an Islamic steward who was considered a religious successor to Mohammad. The Great War was

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Sonia Kruger and Free Speech!

Sonia Kruger Australia where is your voice? Stop for a moment and reflect upon your life, what you have, the environment you share and your freedoms. All the ignorant do-good and leftist political parties can do to gain points is to knock Australians who have genuine concerns about the state of affairs and direction Australia is headed. How come, respectable, peace loving Australians are criticized for their justifiable comments about the lawless, free loading immigrants our governments let into this country who aim to destroy our culture and way of life. To the news corporations and government of this

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Greyhound Racing NSW

Greyhound Racing My comments yesterday about Greyhound racing drew a big response from Super Radio Network listeners, on air and off air. Questions my listeners are asking include: If this ban goes ahead, how many dogs will lose their lives as a result? How can a report with profound influence on policy be generated with a significant and highly influential component having no relevance whatsoever to New South Wales? Did anyone in the Government bother to check the detail of the McHugh report before the Premier’s decision to ban greyhound racing? When the Premier announced the ban, did he

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NSW Government Gone To The Dogs

Controversial State Government Decisions Again controversial State Government issues are making news.  The Baird Government decision to shut down the grey hound racing industry in NSW is causing alarm in the community especially in regional NSW that will be hard hit.    Mr Baird announced this move on face book without consulting the industry or putting the issue before parliament after handing down the report of special Commission of Inquiry by Justice Michael McHugh. The report made 80 recommendations. Since the original allegations of cruelty were exposed by the ABC`s Four Corners, the industry has been involved in a significant

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Culture Clash!

It was written somewhere that the Russian revolutionary leader Lenin once described people who were naive enough to support something they didn’t really understand as ‘useful idiots’. The hard left in Australia are stupid enough not to realise that they are being exploited by hard line Muslim radicals. ‘Useful idiots’ indeed. It is unfortunate that western society’s immigration policies have neglected to foresee and understand that some cultures are alien to our way of life and that the world is not, and it seems will not be for a long time, be ready for the mass integration of cultures.

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Mass Murder In Nice

It’s tragic that humanity has reached this point in its history. Our deep felt sorrow to all who lost their lives in tragic circumstances. Amituofo. On the eleventh of September 2001 – the day universally known as Nine/Eleven, the cult of Aggressive Supremacist Islam declared war upon civilisation.   That declaration of war has been restated again and again, most recently in the South of France on Bastille Day 14 July 2016. Every one of those eighty four innocent human beings, including many children, all of whom suffered horrible and excruciatingly painful death, is a reason for us all to

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‘What about us?’

‘What about us?’ ASHLEIGH DAVIS FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA PUBLISHED: 20:42 EST, 16 July 2016 | UPDATED: 22:56 EST, 16 July 2016. Retrieved from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/auhome/index.html Well said Lucy Bain. More Australians should be mindful that if we don’t care for our own no one from overseas will – they will surreptitiously take over and we won’t like it! It’s about time all governing bodies started looking after Australians and taking their privileged positions seriously by helping Australians who voted for them to take care of this country and its peoples. Lucy Bain is asking a question asked by many hard working Australians. Governments

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Finally a result!

After weeks of listening to waffle from all sides of politics the counting of votes has delivered a result, of sorts. With another weak politician elected as hopefully the best of a bad bunch Australians are apprehensive about the future. What we need are leaders who put Australians and Australia first. Leaders who have the backing of the majority of Australians to tell it as it is. Stop pussy footing around trying to be politically correct, too afraid of offending whoever has a platform for their personal agenda and ego. Make the voting system easy and fair. Stop minority


Fri 8 July 2016 The Federal Election in the Launceston-based seat of BASS.

GetUp! is a modern revolutionary organisation closely linked with Avaaz and Greenpeace. The principal aim of GetUp! is to sabotage the Australian economy by shutting down the coal industry, the oil industry and the gas industry. GetUp! first made its adverse impact felt under national director Simon Sheikh, a former Labor Party Member and former Greens candidate in the Australian Capital Territory, who now runs an outfit called Future Super, which is all about promoting withdrawal of financial support from genuine energy industries. Simon Sheikh has no respect for the truth, as evidenced by his totally false assertion, carried

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Jacqui Lambie Network

Congratulations to the Jacqui Lambie Network And the JLN will start by focusing on five urgent matters:   Insurance companies and their treatment of Tasmanian businesses. There have been reports of flood-affected, Tasmanian businesses have been treated unfairly by their insurance companies. I will spend the next couple of weeks looking into this, and if there is evidence of unconscionable conduct, I will call for a Senate Inquiry. 2. $1.2 billion aged care cuts nationally. I will fight to stop Liberal cuts to the Aged Care sector, including $40 million cut from the Tasmanian Aged Care sector and 750

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Thu 7 July 2016 Pauline Hanson

Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 7 July 2016 PAULINE HANSON Yesterday I stated that an important aspect of Saturday’s Federal Election has been the long overdue return to the Parliament of Pauline Hanson, as a Senator for Queensland. The response from my listeners was overwhelmingly positive, including from many callers whom time did not allow us to put to air, and from very many who have sent supportive emails.  Some listeners made clear that they finally made up their minds to vote for Pauline Hanson because Malcolm Turnbull told them that the lady was unwelcome in the Parliament.  As I

Election 2016 / Queensland

Wed 6 July Pauline Hanson

Grant Goldman Editorial for Radio 2SM and the Super Radio Network An important aspect of the recent Federal Election has been the long overdue return to the Parliament of Pauline Hanson, as a Senator for Queensland, where Pauline Hanson’s One Nation convincingly outpolled the Greens to be the third strongest party in terms of the Senate vote.  Not only has Pauline Hanson won a Senate Seat for herself, she has a prospect of winning a second Senate Seat for her number two team member in Queensland, and is in the running to gain Senate spots in New South Wales

Election 2016 / Queensland

The Queensland Seat of Dickson

The Queensland Seat of Dickson For excitement & thrills for political junkies Dickson on Brisbane’s northside has a lot to offer. Death, Dummy-Spits, Nail biting cliff-hanger finishes, sex scandals, and spousal surprises. Nine News Political Editor Laurie Oakes has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, calling his post-election speech “pretty pathetic”. Oakes said Mr Turnbull delivered an “angry, bitter speech”. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a bloke who’s probably won the election say ‘we was robbed’.  I thought that quite frankly was pretty pathetic,” Oakes said. This reminds us of the infamous Dickson dummy-spit by

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The people have spoken.

Grant Goldman After a punishing eight week election campaign on Saturday the people have spoken. The Abbott majority has been squandered.  The factional hacks who control the Liberal Party should be prepared to acknowledge that this situation has been brought about by personal ambition triumphing over the qualities of leadership. Following what appears to be a political earthquake, Independents in the two parliamentary chambers will become somewhat more prominent.  Today the Americans celebrate their Independence Day.  The Second of July could become known as Australia’s Independents’ Day, Our Independents’ Day follows the UK vote to leave the EU. Is

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Today’s the day – be careful what you wish for …………!!!

Finally, the day has come when we wade through the throng of voters who each have their own agenda, needs, likes and dislikes and will undoubtedly vote for someone who hopefully will deliver on the promises they made to secure that vote. Good luck Australia – you’ll need it as the world around you becomes more socially chaotic and politically difficult to navigate. One comment we must make is that the voting system is a total mess and certainly not democratic. Take a look at the voting paper and the RULES one must follow to ensure your vote is valid. You

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Federal Election

Grant Goldman The new financial year begins today and our Federal Election is tomorrow. This election will decide whether Malcolm Turnbull will or will not become a Prime Minister who has won an election, and the same is true of the Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce. Many supporters of Tony Abbott are asking whether Barnaby Joyce was a covert supporter of the coup which brought Malcolm Turnbull to power. The Result of the Liberal Leadership spill was unveiled to the world by the whips at 9.49PM on 14/09/2015 just nineteen minutes after Barnaby Joyce tweeted “Well here we go.”