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Britain and the EU

A different and more sensible view on Britain leaving the EU  Submitted by an Australian Businessman with real experience selling Aussie made products to Europe. The result of Britain leaving the EU will lead to Britain becoming the strongest economy in Europe and by far a better place to live and to do business than in the remaining European countries. It’s hard for some of the younger people to understand that because the scare mongering is just the usual unsubstantiated nonsense and outrageous self-serving misinformation from the left and their bloated bureaucracies in both the UK and Europe who feel their

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Democracy for sale down under!

Democracy for sale down under! As reported in the Australian “Kidman hires Libs` Kingpin” on June 21, by Damon Kitney, a Canberra based lobbying firm established by Factional Liberal Michael Photios has been appointed to advise the S. Kidman & Co cattle empire in  attempting to revive a controversial sale that has hit foreign investment hurdles. Capital Hill is run for Photios by former big-pharma lobbyist Nick Campbell who for years pretended to be a factional opponent of his now  business ally.   The move is a response to Treasury opposition to the proposed $370m sale of the cattle giant

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Housing affordability in Australia

Housing affordability Australian Housing affordability has been undermined by the major parties. Though the terms of the Baird and Abbott/Turnbull Governments there has been a housing development boom coinciding with skyrocketing house and unit prices.   Very many of the new homes have been built for foreign investors. In his book “The unfair Trade”, Michael Casey mentions similar situations overseas where undisclosed mainland Chinese buyers  purchased properties which were left unoccupied. Most of the big spending Chinese were not investing to live there, nor even to earn rental income, but for capital appreciation.   We have been told by the major

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Important Question – Is our government working to a script delivered by the globalists?

Grant Goldman Wed 22 Jue 2016 Here is an election campaign question:  Is our government working to a script delivered by the globalists? It was Malcolm Turnbull who introduced a Portfolio of Cities and a Minister for Cities named Jamie Briggs.  Much of the government’s so called smart cities policy is remarkably similar to that which is contained in the United Nations treaties known as Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop ratified Agenda 2030 for the Turnbull Government.   Sustainable Development Goal # 9 from Agenda 2030 treaty is entitled, “Build Resilient Infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable

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Posted from a GetUp Australia Campaign.

We are not in the business of promoting or favouring any one political party, however some campaign content deserves a mention. Elections are won and lost on how well candidates can sell their economic credentials to swing voters – and 2016 is no exception. Prime Minister Turnbull’s a slick salesman, but the truth is, his big ‘economic plan’ amounts to a $48 billion tax cut for corporations.1 Mr Turnbull claims his tax cut will magically ‘trickle down’ to create ‘jobs and growth’, but we need a clear, cut-through way to get the truth into national media headlines and in

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Voting 2016 and where Australia is heading!

Umm, it’s almost the end of another boring non-event election campaign with not one candidate (and keep in mind they are candidates) appearing as a strong statesman with leadership qualities to protect Australia’s interests, its citizens, their livelihoods and their lifestyle against the onslaught of foreign raiders and people who have surreptitious agendas. Now suppose these hopefuls were seeking selection for a position in the real world and had nothing to offer other than their charisma and skill set. No business connections, no ‘brown paper bags’, nothing except themselves and what they had to offer an employer (Australian citizens). Would you

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Grant Goldman Editorial

Grant Goldman Editorial My wonderful listeners have heard me make reference to the unpleasant system of public funding of political parties.  The taxpayer gets stung at each Federal Election and each State Election.  Under the Federal System, there is a threshold of 4% of the vote below which political parties get nothing.  That suits the major parties who want to give themselves every possible advantage over possible future threats to their power, their influence and their ability to get cosy deals from big-time lobbyists. In the Federal system, the amount of election funding payable is calculated by multiplying the

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Two victories for talk radio

Grant Goldman Two victories for talk radio Talk Radio is one of the most important bastions of free speech and democratic expression available in Australia today. Some of the powerful are intimidated by Talk Back radio because they fear the majority. Talkback radio has the ability to affect, in a positive way, the outcome of public policy determination. Today you and I can congratulate ourselves on two instances in recent months where the Super Radio Network Talk Radio audience – you, our wonderful listeners – have successfully scrutinised political intentions and found them wanting .  We have then made

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“TAFE Cuts teachers despite skill shortage”

Grant Goldman Tuesday 14 June 2016 Last week on Thursday 9th June, Education Reporter Eryk Bagshaw contributed to the Sydney Morning Herald an article headlined: “TAFE Cuts teachers despite skill shortage” We learned that documents obtained by Fairfax Media have revealed that despite a nationwide shortage of apprentices, NSW TAFE Carpentry, plumbing and painting teachers are being made redundant at one of the State`s largest institutes. The article asserts that the State government`s vocational education restructure is promoting the training of apprentices on site while core trades move towards the scandal plagued private sector.   By scandal we are talking

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Yet Another Concerned Australian!

We received this by email today and thought it appropriate to Post it! Hi Everyone, PLEASE, PLEASE, TAKE 5 MINUTES AND READ THIS PLEASE, PLEASE, PASS IT ON to everyone you can, its time BOTH parties stood up and listened This is our country and its being destroyed. Subject:  The silent majority This seems to put into words what I – and I am sure many others of the silent majority – think! It was written by Mrs Jenny Bell of South Australia to Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten:  To  Malcolm Turnbull & Bill Shorten … You BOTH Worry

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Mark Scott AO and the Premier

Grant Goldman Yesterday I made reference to newspaper articles by prominent journalists asserting that the NSW Government under Premier Baird is undermined by conflicts of interest.  Of particular note has been the involvement of KPMG in the Government’s forced Council amalgamations, and also in the Government’s unpopular plan to shift the Powerhouse Museum. Recent media attention for the State Government has also embraced the appointment,  as Secretary of the New South Wales Department of Education, of American-born businessman Mark Walter Scott  AO.  Mr Scott held a senior role at Fairfax Media, prior to serving as managing director of the

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Polly Perks – A serious Drain on Australian Financial Resources!

This came to us via email and we thought it appropriate to post their comments and frustrations. We must state that the information presented has not been substantiated but appears to be close to the mark. Posted by a University Lecturer. Enough is enough As a self-funded retiree, I’m frustrated with Canberra’s continuous fiddle with Superannuation contributions and rule changes. Plus the measure to re balance the Pension Assets Test to be implemented on 1st January 2017. So here’s fair warning to all politicians of any persuasion, this group of aged voters may be about to make the greatest impact

Senator Jacqui Lambie

“Sucked in”, “shafted” and bullied – dairy industry crisis!

Ok, we are not all in favour of everything that Jacqui Lambie blurts out but give credit where it’s due, she does, most of the time, appear to speak from the heart. Make this an election issue, push the pollys to protect our farmers, water, land and minerals. It’s about time Australia found a ‘LEADER’! Dairy Crisis How would you feel if fresh Australian milk wasn’t available to you and your family? How would you feel if the milk that sat on supermarket shelves was imported? With 40% of our dairy farmers facing bankruptcy, imported milk is a very

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Conflict of interests

Grant Goldman Conflict of interests undermines and plagues the NSW Government.  Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald on the second of June, Anne Davies revealed that the Land and Environment Court has ordered the Baird Government to provide documents about the role KPMG played in implementing the council amalgamation agenda.   KPMG was deemed the independent  arbiter of the financial benefits of the mergers, but we now know that that KPMG was devising the mergers proposals as early as July 2015 before the Government announced it was proceeding with forced amalgamations.     Strathfield Council and others are crying Foul!,  and  alleging

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Campaign Update Thursday 2 June 2016

Grant Goldman Each day we inch a little closer to the only poll which counts.  Given the evidence to date, voters are seriously doubting whether the major political players have any intention of debating the trigger pieces of stalled Double Dissolution legislation. In common with the 1987 experience, in the event that the government is returned, I cannot anticipate how Government, Opposition or crossbenchers can legitimately claim a mandate to support or to oppose, legislation which is yet to be passed. Under what arrogant assumption might the pollies – after July 2 – possibly embark on a parliamentary joint