Election 2016 / Sydney 2SM Transcripts

Election campaign Tue 31 May 2016

Grant Goldman Sunday evening’s television yawn fest was in the form of the so called leaders’ debate. Reports are circulating that television audience numbers of 529,000 were at peak and within one hour fell to just 93,000 of supposed hard core political junkies. I know that 529,000 viewers sounds like a lot of viewers. However, at as a proportion of around fifteen and a half million Australian registered voters that figure is reduced to a minuscule 3.42% of the voting public. I thought I would investigate the topics discussed during such a great election extravaganza event. To my amazement

Sydney 2SM Transcripts

NSW State issues will have a major impact on the Federal Election.

Controversial NSW State issues will have a major impact on the Federal Election. Grant Goldman With the recent announcement and now forced Council mergers, one has to ask “What were they Thinking!” Regardless of whether people believe  that Council`s amalgamations are a good thing or not, The NSW Government’s timing  of the announcement and forced introduction could not have come at a worst possible time for the Federal iberals, just prior to a major double dissolution federal election . What were they thinking? Forced Council amalgamations has caused uncertainly, confusion and mistrust within the community and will costs for

Coal Seam Gas / Rural Australia

Coal Seam Gas

Is the coal seam gas industry damaging Australia’s environment? Naturally the coal seam gas companies will refute any suggestions that their ‘precious’ industry is in any way causing land and water contamination placing landowners health at risk. It appears that no side of government is prepared to take the issue seriously. Let’s be honest, the government overrides the landowners wishes when granting mining leases approving coal seam gas extraction or any other mining activity. Money has to come first, yes? We are not saying ‘no’ to mining however the first considerations should be given to the landowners and the

Sydney 2SM Transcripts

Double Dissolution General Election

ABCC Tue 24 May 2016            Grant Goldman Given that we are in week three of a monster eight week federal election campaign, let’s investigate the trigger issue relied upon by the government to convince the governor general to issue writs for a double dissolution general election. The Australian Building Construction Commission (ABCC) has been at the centre of Industrial Relations policy since the days of Prime Minister Howard. Conservatives have said that it ensures a permanent watchdog or ‘cop on the beat’ to monitor excessive union behaviour in the building sector like unlawful industrial

Sydney 2SM Transcripts

Double Dissolution

Grant Goldman Double Dissolution                   Monday 23 May 2016 Australia is now holding its 45th Federal general election.  Since the first of January, 1901 when the Commonwealth of Australia came into being, only six double dissolution elections have been held.  Section 57 of the Commonwealth Constitution allows for the simultaneous election of all parliamentary positions of the Lower House (the House of Representatives) and all of the Upper House (the Senate). For the senate, using proportional representation, each state sends twelve senators to Canberra and each territory elects two senators.  By electing all of the senate (as opposed to half

Rural Australia

Update on Dairy Farmers Plight

Dairy farmers need solution this week Chloe Scott Australia 22 MAY 2016 — I’ve seen media today saying the government is looking at ‘a package’ to help us farmers in crisis. That’s good, our campaign is working – but they’re not looking at fixing how companies can hit us with retrospective cuts to the milk price. That’s what has left many in debt and running at a loss! I’m worried they won’t fix this unfair system hurting farmers. I’ve just recorded a video that I’d love if everyone can share so it gets to our politicians. Please share it –https://www.facebook.com/Change.orgAustralia/videos/1213710335335685/

Polly's Policy

Pollys Double Dipping

From Sunday Mail 22 May 2016 Nothing has changed according to reports in today’s Sunday Mail on page 10 with the headline “POLLIE PERKS RAISE ALARM”. Read the full story by Samantha Maiden Our comments follow: Once again our ‘ELECTED’ representatives continue to DOUBLE DIP into the public purse when it comes to helping pay the mortgage and the rent for Federal MPs who rake in $1000 a week to sleep in Canberra and then claiming a big tax deduction for their rent, rates, electricity and mortgage. Meanwhile our cost of living gets closer to warp speed and citizens

Sydney City

Hong Kong high rise for inner Sydney

Money, Money, Money! It appears after reading Clover Moore’s post that the Baird government is planning to squeeze up to 70,000 people per square kilometer into Sydney’s Central to Eveleigh site. Jeff Dorset wrote the following reply: Dear Clover Moore. You appear from my perspective to say nothing to the media in public or in council about the biggest threat to Sydney`s environment, economy and society, the Turnbull Govt`s excessive and irresponsible middle class /economic immigration rate and 457 Visa intake levels. I am emailing on to many conservationists, concerned citizens your petition which I have now signed to stop the dreadful Hong Kong

Foreign Investment

Chinese incessant buy up continues

According to a recent study, “Chinese nationals have become the largest foreign buyers of US property after pouring billions into the market in search of safe offshore assets… A huge surge in Chinese buying of both residential and commercial real estate last year took their five-year investment total to more than $110bn” (The Guardian, May 15, 2016). “Chinese investment in property has also helped to inflate prices in other developed countries, notably the UK and Australia in the wake of the dip in world stock markets in 2015. And despite a slowdown due to Beijing’s subsequent clampdown on capital

Rural Australia

Barnaby Joyce’e response to the Dairy Farm Crisis

The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Leader of the Nationals 19 May 2016 — I have closely monitored developments following the Murray Goulburn and Fonterra decisions to reduce farm gate milk prices for the 2015-16 season and since that time have had a number of discussions with farmers, industry leaders, processors and retailers. I have appreciated the opportunity to meet with dairy farmers and industry representatives this week while in Victoria to hear firsthand their concerns and reassure them of the Coalition’s support. The Coalition Government values the contribution Australia’s dairy farmers make to our communities,

Our Thoughts! / Rural Australia

Our reply to Barnaby Joyce on the Dairy Farm crisis

What a pathetic response, it goes to show who’s running the country. Not sure what comes first the dollars or the ego but it’s disgusting that no side of politics will openly support their own citizens. Throw the lot out of power they don’t deserve a vote. Is Australia for Australians or or have the foreign raiders already infiltrated our political and social institutions? Sadly our once beautiful land is being sculptured into an unrecognisable catastrophe. Vote carefully – vote for anyone except the LNP, ALP, Greens. 

Katter Party

Bob Katter – A letter to my fellow Australians – Part 2

PART TWO To My Fellow Australians, So we Australians are a vanishing race only staving off bankruptcy through ‘bit by bit’ selling off the farm (our politicians call it “foreign investment”). Our politicians day by day trash the values that made us a ‘Garden Full of Promise’. Owner operators, farmers, tradesmen, contractors are all a slowly vanishing race and with their vanishing, vanishes the ‘land of opportunity’. As the giant corporates (increasingly foreign) slowly takeover. But let us give the last say to the two men who ran the Australian Economy for most of the last 40 years (1972

Sydney 2SM Transcripts

The Kidman saga continues

Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 06:19:15 +1000 Thursday 19 May 2016  The Kidman saga continues. The federal Government would have the public believe that the issues of the sale of the huge Kidman cattle empire to foreign Chinese interests is dusted and buried and is over and will not proceed, Well this is not the view of the Chinese! Reported in the Australian the Nation page 16 Wednesday May 4 by Rural Reporter, Sue Neales, “China to try again for Kidman.” The Chinese company twice blocked by the Federal Government in its attempt to take over the historic Kidman


Dutton’s welcomed remarks – Courier Mail May 2016

It’s about time minority groups and do-gooders face the reality of the world we live in. In a perfect world it would be admirable to provide aid for the millions living under repressive regimes and in poverty. It’s NOT a perfect world and the ‘open door’ policy advocates are placing their fellow Australians in unwanted and vulnerable situations. The main reason illegals seek access to western cultures is our welfare system. It’s manna from heaven, everything is free, can’t speak the lingo and can’t work but still the government throws money at us. “Australia is great”. My question to

Rural Australia

Australia’s Dairy Farmers Being Destroyed

Barnaby Joyce: dairy farmers like my family are being destroyed – please step in urgently I am only 16 years old and have grown up on a dairy farm my entire life, but the massive cuts to milk prices – slashed by 10% and more – have had significant and horrible impact on finances and our lives. Not only have greedy corporates like Fonterra and Murray Goulburn cut the price they will pay us for milk – retrospectively cutting income means farmers will be left hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt! Putting profit before people and leaving thousands of

Katter Party

Bob Katter – A letter to my fellow Australians

There are many concerned Australian citizens who are as frustrated and anxious about how this and previous governments have managed this continent’s internal and external affairs. Hopefully it’s not too late to change the tide of events and return Australia to the nation it once used to be when jobs were plentiful, everyone could afford a home and there was a strong sense of nationalism. One of Australia’s answers could lie with Bob Katter’s Australian Party. He doesn’t have all the answers, no one does, but his dialogue and interest in Australia gives encouragement to the farming community he represents. Bob’s

Sydney 2SM Transcripts

Foreign Asset Sales

Foreign Asset sales off the political agenda! The Federal Government has woken up to the fact that Australians are worrying about who owns Australia.  Instead of openly canvassing this question of great importance for many Australians, the Government is doing its utmost to remove foreign ownership issues from the political arena. A front page article by Sue Neales in the Wednesday April 20 edition of the Australian was headlined: “Kidman deal off election agenda”. The article explains that Treasurer Scott Morrison has avoided making an election issue of the $371 million provisional sale of the vast Kidman cattle empire

Sydney 2SM Transcripts

Superannuation at risk?

The Australian Business Review of Monday May 2 on page 19 carried an article by Andrew White “Bid to open US to super investors.”  The article explains that Australia`s social privatisation and asset recycling schemes are being showcased in Washington by a high-powered delegation which aims to open up opportunities for  Australia’s superannuation funds to invest in part of the US$3.4 trillion that needs to be spent on infrastructure in the next five years.  That is A$4.5 Trillion – Four and a half thousand billion Australian dollars. Former Nationals Leader, Mark Vale and former NSW Liberal Treasurer and opposition

Our Thoughts!

Who will your vote go to…….?@#! Disillusioned!

Take a look at this list. Now seriously, think about the political system and voting structure. As a free society we all have an opinion and we are allowed to voice our beliefs and values but how many of the listed parties really understand and know what they are doing when it comes to running Australia. I mean take a look at the state of the country. It appears that the only good thing politicians are good at is spending other peoples money and selling the country to overseas interests. #Sustainable Australia 21st Century Australia Animal Justice Party Australia First

Our Thoughts!

Expanding Foreign claws into Darwin

Darwin Targeted again by Foreign Raiders On May 7 it was reported in The NT News that a high level delegation consisting of Chairman Landbridge Group Ye Cheng and Mayor of Rishao, Liu Xingtai of Shandong province in China is looking to invest and develop the East Arm cold storage facility. What’s of interest is that the company currently leasing the Port of Darwin is the Landbridge Group also based in Shandong. Yes we need investment but the balance of the agreements should favour Australia and leave Australians in control of the outcomes. Losing control over major infrastructure is irresponsible and opens